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4/20 Sale & Using White Vein Kratom Post-4/20 Party!

Are you planning on going hard on this year’s 4/20? Perhaps you’ll be celebrating the legalization of recreational marijuana in your state, enjoying the holiday with some infused cocktails. Or maybe, you’ll enjoy some of your favorite GRH CBD and Delta 8 THC products going on sale for 4/20!

Whatever your plans, chances are you’re going to feel wiped out the next day, especially if you have to work. Think that grabbing a cup of coffee seems most fitting after a long night of (safe) partying? Think again! While we can’t live without coffee, we like to think that there’s something better- that’s white vein kratom! Known for its stimulating effects and ability to increase energy levels, white vein kratom is a great alternative to coffee. Here are all the reasons why this vein stands out as the perfect option after celebrating with our 4/20 sale!

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Why choose white vein kratom?

Cannabis, as you probably already know, is quite relaxing and causes slow and steady effects on the body. This is why it’s very likely that you’ll feel a bit slowed down the day after 4/20. That’s entirely normal and nothing to worry about! 


Kratom, on the other hand, is a bit different in its effects, depending on the vein or strain you use. Red veins are sedating, green veins are known for causing euphoria & sociability, and yellow veins are somewhere in the middle and are the mildest of all veins. 

When it comes to white vein kratom, as we’d mentioned above, this type of kratom stands out from all the other veins because of its unique properties and energizing effect on the body. It’s also commonly used to improve focus and concentration. That’s especially important if you have to work on something that requires your undivided attention the day after 4/20. 

There are important things to note about using CBD and kratom- the effects will vary depending on the veins used. To learn more about using CBD and Kratom together, click here!


And, if you feel like just white vein kratom isn’t enough and you need an extra boost after 4/20, you can also enhance your pick-me-up and combine white vein kratom with some coffee, but keep in mind that this mixture is very strong and shouldn’t be used if you’re sensitive to caffeine or tend to feel anxious at large doses of stimulants. If you’re interested in combining kratom & coffee, check out our blog on that subject here!

white vein kratom 420 sale delta 8 thc

Which strains to use the day after 4/20?


When looking for a way to stop feeling cloudy after 4/20, you’re going to need kratom that will  stimulate you to get going! This is where white vein kratom comes in – but not just any white vein kratom. You need high-quality, properly sourced, and pure kratom that comes from an honest company. Luckily, GRH Kratom is precisely that!


When it comes to the dilemma of which strain to use on the day after 4/20, it’s actually a matter of personal preference! All of our white strains are of premium quality and go through extensive processes that ensure freshness and excellence. Those are just some characteristics that make GRH Kratom one of the best kratom vendors you’ll come across! 


We offer some of the best white strains of kratom, including White Sumatra, White Maeng Da, White Thai, and White Borneo – all available in both capsule and powder form, so you can choose the strain you love and enjoy it in your favorite form! 


Final thoughts on using white vein kratom the day after 4/20

Say goodbye to low energy levels and general haziness by choosing from GRH Kratom’s broad scope of phenomenal white strains of kratom, as well as some of the best D8 THC products on the market! To celebrate 4/20, we’re doing a 40% off sale on white vein kratom and Delta 8 THC products from 4/16 until 4/20 – so stock up while you can and get to know the beauty of GRH Kratom!


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