CBD vs Kratom

CBD & Kratom

CBD vs Kratom

November 27, 2020

Our previous blog talked about using CBD and kratom together to achieve a particular desired effect, but this time we want to look at this topic from another perspective. It’s always good to learn a bit more about a certain product you intend to use, and that’s why we are here- because we want to share our knowledge and passion we have for kratom and CBD! Today, we’re going over CBD vs kratom. 


Whether you want to implement kratom or CBD in your lifestyle, you should always do your research beforehand to analyze all the pros and cons of using them. These few points should clear some things up about CBD vs kratom.


The advantages and disadvantages of CBD

If you didn’t already know, CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it offers all the benefits of the marijuana plant, minus the ‘high’ sensation which is caused solely by the THC inside. Essentially, CBD may allow you to relax, improve your sleep schedule and pattern, and perhaps even relieve discomfort, without causing any significant side effects (although there may be a few, if used incorrectly).
There are many ways to consume CBD, for example in the form of oils, capsules, tinctures, treats, topicals, etc.

We’re not the first ones to talk about the abundance of benefits CBD may offer. Plenty of long-term users swear by its ability to calm their nerves, minimize feelings of stress and anxiety, and help them approach life in a more peaceful way.

To narrow it down, here’s a shorter list of what CBD may help with.

Possible advantages:

  • Relieve unwanted tension and discomfort
  • Calm raging nerves
  • Ease muscle soreness and inflammation
  • Improve memory and focus
  • Improve sleep quality


However, since everybody’s body is different, CBD can also cause a few problems. If you use CBD in high doses that are not suitable to your needs, you may experience a few side effects. That’s why we cannot stress enough the importance of consulting a medical professional beforehand! The drawbacks of using CBD are not very significant, so there’s no need to worry too much. Of course, always listen to your body!

Possible disadvantages:
  • Drowsiness, sleepiness, and fatigue
  • Excessive thirst and dry mouth
  • May interact with medications, and cause their effect to be weaker or stronger.

cbd vs kratom


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The advantages and disadvantages of kratom


Kratom is a natural herb that comes from a tree; botanically, it’s very similar to coffee. It can be consumed as a powder or in capsules. Depending on the vein, kratom can induce feelings of tranquility (red vein), focus and sharpness (white vein), and friendliness and sociability (green vein).
When compared to CBD, kratom is perhaps a bit more controversial. This comes from the fact that it’s a lot stronger than CBD and it offers a wide range of advantages and disadvantages. Many people believe that since it is a natural supplement, it shouldn’t be a cause of a problem, but because its effect is more noticeable, what we recommend is that you take small doses and see how you react to it. Generally, kratom is used for relief from discomfort and treating social anxiety. In combination with practices like yoga and meditation, certain strains can be very helpful for relaxation!

In general, you may benefit more from CBD for treating milder feelings of anxiety or discomfort because kratom is, again, much more potent.

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Possible advantages:
  • Increase energy levels 
  • Improve sleep health
  • Relieve feelings of anxiety or stress
  • Improve discomfort


What should be noted here is that it is possible to have cravings for kratom, much like you can get for coffee. Therefore, make sure to only use kratom when you need it and to do it in controlled, personalized doses. Here are some of the side-effects that may occur if you don’t make sure to use kratom properly.


Possible disadvantages:
  • Disorientation
  • Trepidation, sweating, and itching
  • Nausea and general discomfort

cbd vs kratom



Final thoughts

We hope this blog has helped you understand the difference between these two supplements- CBD vs kratom!

Here at Grassroots Harvest, we want to make both the CBD and kratom experiences much more enjoyable for you. We ensure every product we offer to you is clean, ethically sourced, and of exceptional quality. But it doesn’t stop there – honesty and consistency are of the utmost importance to us, and the happiness of our customers is our moving force.

Remember to take it slow if you’re just starting your journey with CBD or kratom! It takes a while for our bodies and brains to adapt to new things, and that doesn’t exclude natural supplements.

We are not medical professionals, so consequently we cannot give medical advice. Consult a doctor or physician if you have any questions before use. 

Jasmin Weber

Jasmin Weber has been working in the kratom & CBD industry for 3 years with Grassroots Harvest and GRH Kratom. She regularly writes content for both the cannabis and kratom websites of these stores & can also be found featured on related sites around the web.

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