Will Kratom make me fail a drug test?

While kratom alkaloids bind to the same brain receptors as an opiate, the alkaloids present in kratom are structurally different from opiates and will not cause you to test positive on an opiate drug test. 

It is possible to test for kratom alkaloids, but due to kratom’s legal status, it is hardly ever tested for. That may change if kratom’s legal status were to change, but for now, it is highly unlikely that you will be tested for kratom. 

What makes it even less likely is that testing for the presence of kratom is currently a very expensive undertaking. Kratom drug tests cost a lot of money to run, so they hardly ever happen as they’re seen as an unnecessary cost. 

Standard drug tests will not look for kratom. 

Could Kratom Cause a False Positive?

A false positive is when you test positive for a drug you didn’t take. There are many different reasons you could falsely test positive, but kratom probably isn’t one of them. It’s highly, highly unlikely that you’ll have a false positive from taking kratom, as the alkaloids in kratom aren’t present in any drugs that are often tested for.

Some prescription medications can cause a false positive though, so it’s important to be clear with drug testing administrators what you have in your system before you take the test.  

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