Gold Kratom Vs Green Kratom: What To Choose

Gold Kratom vs. Green Kratom: it’s a tough question, as they are two of the best strains and avid enthusiasts can vouch for it. Because no two strains are alike, it can be especially challenging for new users to pick the best one for them. Knowing how each strain works and compares to another is the key to finding the best option for you.

Today, we will discuss the difference between Gold and Green Kratom. You can use any of them for your own benefit, but how do you choose one? Let’s take a closer look at what these two strains have in common and what sets them apart so you can decide which one is best for you. However, only first-hand experience can make you certain.

Gold Kratom Vs. Green Kratom: How Do They Compare?

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna Speciosa, is a Southeast Asian-grown plant whose leaves contain alkaloids that may provide comfort and relaxation. Depending on how the plant is grown and its leaves are harvested, the powder that comes from the plant will differ in terms of physical and physiological characteristics. Here is a little comparison of Gold Kratom vs. Green Kratom.


1-Taste & Aroma

Unlike most Kratom strains, the taste of Green Kratom is not very bitter; most users report being able to eat it without mixing it into other beverages. While Gold Kratom can actually be quite bitter. Green Kratom and Gold Kratom both have a nice and sweet aroma – many users say that it is similar to the scent of fresh leaves.

When mixed into a beverage such as warm tea or juice – the taste of Green Kratom almost disappears. However, Gold Kratom can be bitter and is often diluted by mixing it into beverages but it can still be tasted while drinking the beverage.

Some people choose to take Green Kratom without mixing it into any beverages as they prefer the actual taste. On the other hand, users mostly take Gold Kratom as a drink or edible.


There is a huge difference when it comes to the potency of these two different strains. You might think that they work similarly, but there is a reason why Gold Kratom is so famous in comparison to Green Kratom. Why is that? Well, the simple reason behind it is the potency.

Since Gold Kratom is a menagerie of different Kratom strains, it is superior to Green Kratom when it comes to potency. This is because it has a higher concentration of mitragynine and total alkaloids. While there are many other alkaloids present in the leaves of Gold Kratom, the two main ones are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

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kratom powder for sale

Moreover, the form of Kratom also plays an important role in dictating its potency. Kratom extract, for example, leaves biochemical properties that remain concentrated, making it more potent than Kratom powder. As a result, the potency of the two strains varies depending on the form in which they are used.

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3-Purported Effects

Kratom has many beneficial effects on the body, according to many users. However, what specific effects do these two strains have? Are they in common or very different from each other? Well, many users report that after using Green and Gold Kratom – the effects in common include euphoria and an enhanced mood.

However, the way it works for both of these strains is quite different. Green Kratom may make you feel full of energy, bubbly, happy, and ready to start the day; however, gold Kratom can make you a bit more relaxed, and at peace, with only mild energy if any.


You should always consult your healthcare professional to know the healthy dosage for you, but this is what many users report. The most similar property of Green and Golden Kratom is that they can have the same effect on the body – but at very opposite doses.

You will only need a little bit of Golden Kratom to feel calmer; however, many doses of Green Kratom to get to that stage.

Normally, you will only be required to take a teaspoon of the golden Kratom to feel its effects. However, when it comes to the other strain – you can take a lower dosage for stimulating effects and a higher dosage for sedative effects.

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Do They Come From The Same Region Or Different?

Yes, surprisingly, these two strains with quite different properties are grown in the same region. Both of these strains are found in the lavish green pastures of South East Asia – specifically areas such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bali. The unique type of climate makes the soil’s pH level just ideal for growing both of these varieties. 

Are Processing Methods The Same For The Two?

Yes, as most Kratom products usually have the same processing method. Firstly, the plant is grown in its habitat. Once the plant is healthy and ready to be harvested, the next step comes in. During the harvesting process, the leaves are selected depending on their quality, while others are discarded.

Lastly, the Kratom leaves are made to go through a drying process – placed outdoors so they can dry up – so they can turn into powder and be used. However, the production of Gold Kratom can be quite unethical in comparison to Green Kratom. 

How Is Gold Kratom Vs. Green Kratom Alike?

Both of these strains do have many similarities and can be called alike in many ways. Firstly, both Green and Gold Kratom are grown in the same place – South East Asia. Secondly, the harvesting process for both of these Kratom strains is similar, as a few fixed steps have to be followed for that.

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Furthermore, you can have similar results with both of these strains if you take them in different dosages. Lastly, since these drugs tend to have a bitter aftertaste, they are usually consumed in a similar way too.

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Which One Has A Superior Alkaloid Profile?

Gold Kratom definitely has a superior alkaloid profile, according to many users, as they report a heavier sedative sensation that comes on very fast. In comparison to other strains, such as Green Kratom – this works faster.

Furthermore, the higher concentration of alkaloids in the Gold Kratom leaves makes it a great option for beginners as it will have a nice and soft effect on the body. 

Which One Lasts Longer?

Most Kratom strains last an equal amount of time in the system, according to many users, based on one constant. The constant is that they are taken in an equal amount.

The amount of time Kratom stays in your system is directly proportional to the dosage you have taken – for example; if you have taken Gold and Green Kratom both for sedative effects, then the dosage of green must be more and will last in your body longer and vice versa.

Normally, Kratom can last in your system for up to seven days – as reported by many users who had their saliva tests taken when they used the drug

How Do The Two Strains Differ In Pricing?

Prices for Gold Kratom powder vary depending on the vendor. Depending on the grams of powder you buy, you may spend anywhere from $3 to $130. It’s also a good idea to check the costs of various sellers to choose one that offers the highest-quality Gold Kratom pills at a reasonable cost.

The price of Green Kratom differs depending on what type of strain you decide to buy, as it has many sub-strains, as well. However, approximately $15 to $100 will be required depending on the grams you buy. The pricing will vary according to the type of Kratom and the amount you order. 

Which One To Choose Between Gold Kratom And Green Kratom?

Gold Kratom can potentially aid users in peaceful sleep by preventing racing thoughts. Users also report that taking the said strain has helped them boost their appetite. 

Green Kratom, on the other hand, can be used for its potential energy-boosting effects. Most Kratom consumers praise the strain and consider it their “go-to” when choosing between different Kratom varieties.

It is a strain that all avid kratom enthusiasts must try. However, there is no one better choice, as you can choose any strain based on your issues and needs. 

Can You Mix Both Together?

Yes, you can. Users of Kratom have observed that over time, their preferred kratom strains lose some of their potency. This is due to the fact that Kratom’s strength and duration of effects might gradually decrease with repeated use.

Some users might feel inclined to raise their dosage in reaction to the effects waning. This, however, is quite unwise. Fortunately, there is a simpler and safer method to maximize the effects of your Kratom.

You might be able to improve the qualities of the plant and expand its benefits by combining different strains, such as Gold and Green Kratom, all while avoiding the health hazards associated with other methods.


Final Words

It is recommended to contact your healthcare professional before choosing a Kratom strain, as it can differ for people according to their needs and health issues. Furthermore, you need to also ask a doctor for advice so you can use the correct dosage for yourself. Kratom is a great thing that can be used for your benefit, but you need to be careful as it can get worse for you if you are not careful with these little details. 



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