Is Kratom Legal in South Dakota State? Year 2023

Is Kratom legal in South Dakota?

South Dakota has always maintained a reputation as a state that remains very neutral when it comes to alternative living. And this is visible in how the state decides to handle Kratom. There is little to no bad history pertaining to Kratom. Kratom is legal for use, sale, distribution, and possession in the state of South Dakota and its major cities. This includes Sioux Falls, Pierre, Rapid City, Brookings, and Deadwood.

Kratom’s legal History in South Dakota

Kratom’s history in South Dakota has been relatively non-existent. Other states often have news stories, bills or lawmakers speaking out against Kratom at least once. Strangely, this hasn’t happened in South Dakota. The feeling is that this is because the state has chosen to give its citizens the chance to make up their minds where Kratom is concerned. 


There hasn’t also been any type of legislation or new bills relating to Kratom. The state has also always favored a regulation stance as opposed to an outright ban. By adopting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, the state can ensure that they are making the industry safer for residents of their cities as the act addresses numerous areas including placing age restrictions on the sale of the supplement.

Within the state, Kratom has no classification. There are a couple of states that have opted to place the supplement on a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance placing a supplement alongside harmful and addictive substances like heroin and morphine. Thankfully, it is not classified in South Dakota. As a matter of fact, neither are its primary alkaloids mitragynine and 9-hydroxymitragynine

Can I Use Kratom in South Dakota?

Yes, you can! Since kratom is legal within South Dakota, it is available to use. Most places that sell kratom will only sell to those who are over the age of 18.

What Next for Southr Dakota? Introducing the American Kratom Association

The AKA is currently the largest support system for the Kratom community within the country. The organization has been able to lobby and win most of the attacks made on Kratom across numerous states, preventing prospective bans from taking place and repealing existing bans. 

The American Kratom Association has also made plans to regulate the entirety of the Kratom Industry. They have drawn up GMP protocols that will play an important role in helping vendors provide their customers with very potent Kratom. Although this process is not mandated, it is an important requirement before one can be a part of the American Kratom Association. 

The association also works with local charters within each state helping them to adopt and amend the KCPA for their own unique needs. The act will place regulations on the industry, which would also make it safer for consumers across the country. 

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is by the American Kratom Association and the Botanical Education Alliance. The aim of this act is to address numerous issues within the Kratom industry while allowing it to become more regulated. Some of the things the KCPA aims to address include:

  1. Clearly labeled ingredients
  2. That the sale or transfer possession of any kratom to another person under 18 years of age is prohibited
  3. The amount of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine contained in the product be listed
  4. The amount of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine contained in the packaging be listed
  5. The common or usual name of each ingredient used in the manufacture of the kratom products, listed in descending order of predominance
  6. The name and the principal mailing address of the manufacturer or the person responsible for distributing the kratom product
  7. Clear and adequate directions for the consumption of kratom the product necessary for its safe and effective use
  8. Any precautionary statements as to the safety and effectiveness of the kratom product

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