Is Kratom Legal in Washington State? Year 2023

Is Kratom legal in Washington?

Scientifically referred to as Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom as It is more commonly known is a flowering tree. This tree is native to countries found within the Southeast Asia region. For centuries, natives had cultivated, used and traded the substance. They depend on it for support, wellness and for some – a source of livelihood. 


Kratom’s leaves are chockful with compounds that many see as promoting wellness with many benefits. In the last few years however, Kratom’s popularity has soared beyond its native region and has been exported across the world. This includes the United States, where it has gone to develop a great community. 

But Kratom’s journey within the U.S hasn’t always been peaceful. For example, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has in the past tried to schedule Kratom. The claim was that the supplement was harmful and capable of inducing addiction within its users. This move however, was unsuccessful. After a thorough investigation into the supplement, the discovery was that Kratom has as much ability to induce addiction as regular caffeine did. 

Since then, every state is allowed to set up its own laws on Kratom. While majority of the states have continued to let Kratom remain legal, some states have opted to place bans on the supplement. Within this article, we will be considering Kratom’s legal status in the great state of Washington.

Legalities Of Kratom In Washington

Washington is one of the few states where Kratom has always been legal. Fortunately, lawmakers have always looked like they had no interest in meddling in the legal status of the supplement. It is also one of the few states where there has been little to no legal battle pertaining to Kratom. 

As the popular saying goes, no news is good news. There are no reports of new bills or pending legislation in Washington. There hasn’t ever been any attempt to schedule the supplement by placing it on a controlled substance list. However, there are murmurs of the state adopting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

Kratom’s Future in Washington 

The truth is although Kratom is currently legal within the state, that could easily change within a few months or years. this is why, at the time of this writing, there have been calls for the state to adopt the Kratom Customer Protection Act, a charter crafted by the American Kratom Association.  

What is The Kratom Consumer Protection Act?

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) is by the American Kratom Association in a bid to provide some form of oversight to the fast-growing Kratom industry. Because of this, an issue Kratom users could face left unchecked is a possibility for fake and synthetic products. 

The hope is, as a result of the protection act, they will address numerous issues like age restrictions, labeling, testing, and compliance. We are also hoping that Federal and statewide kratom bans will become a thing of the past as all kratom users use and enjoy their favorite supplement without fear of government persecution. 

As a Kratom vendor, we take immense pride in being about to clarify some misunderstandings surrounding Kratom while offering the best information about it, how to use it, its effects, and so on. if you want to read more about Kratom, you can check out our other articles here and you can check out our store here to go through our wide range of premium Kratom options available.



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