Kratom For Bodybuilding / Weightlifting

Kratom, as we already know, has been very popular for relieving various types of discomfort. Many people use different veins and strains to enhance mood and overall well being. Recently, red veins are gaining recognition as being helpful in conjunction with yoga and meditation. This is not where the advantages of kratom end . As a matter of fact, kratom is also popular in the fitness community for many high-intensity workouts. 


If you’re a fitness lover looking to implement kratom in your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place! This article will take a look at some important points in using kratom as a natural supplement in your bodybuilding journey.


Kratom for bodybuilding

With kratom being referred to as ‘the king of pre-workouts’, plenty of bodybuilders and weightlifters have sworn by kratom’s ability to help them endure high-intensity workouts. Since kratom is helpful for stimulating the body and recovery, it’s no wonder it’s grown popular for workouts. 

kratom bodybuilding weightlifting tips

You could take kratom before a workout to increase energy levels in the same way as coffee. But, the type of kratom vein is very important in determining the effects it is going to have.

Green and white veins are known to increase energy and positivity while protecting the body from excessive discomfort. So, either one of these veins or a combination of both should be your workout fuel.


When bodybuilders take small amounts of kratom (usually between 2 to 5 grams), it ensures that the body will have enough energy to go through a heavy workout session that could result in painful soreness. Kratom helps relieve that discomfort because of the alkaloids it contains. 


However, this absolutely does not mean that kratom will completely numb your body and make you extremely energized and hyped-up. It is essentially a natural supplement just like any other, so therefore it doesn’t have any major or serious effects on your body (if you make sure to use it in controlled and personalized doses). 


Which strains are the best?

Now that you know how to use kratom for bodybuilding, you might be wondering which strains are the best for improving your fitness routine. 


Maeng da

The type of strain used should depend on the individual’s taste and preference. What research tells us is that maeng da is very popular in the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting. Maeng da is hand-made in a process called grafting, and it’s much more effective than other strains. This is because maeng da actually has the highest alkaloid content, making this strain as strong as kratom can get. This is why we accentuate using small and controlled doses.

That being said, it’s still a good idea to choose between green or white maeng da instead of red. 

White Maeng Da



– Want to learn more about Maeng Da? Check out our blog here! 


Of course, if you enjoy pleasant and calming effects after finishing a workout, you can certainly make your own blend of all three veins using our tips & tricks you can see here. 


White Thai

White Thai is also very popular for bodybuilding, as it boosts energy and increases positivity. You can choose from the capsules or powder available on our website,

White Tai

Other strains we recommend

What we suggest is that you try different strains and blends and see how you react to them. That being said, you may also find enjoyable our Green Malaysian or Super Green powders/capsules, as well as our Boost White Vein blend. Take your time in learning what works best for you – that is the most important step of the way! 


Final thoughts

Kratom has proven itself to be extremely helpful for high-intensity workouts, and that’s why many people (including us!) love it and swear by it. However, you need to do your own research beforehand – even though this article is informational, its intention is not to offer any medical advice or recommendations. Consult a doctor before taking matters into your own hand, and always remember to avoid taking kratom on an empty stomach. 

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