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Here at GRH Kratom, transparency and honesty are our moving forces. Knowing all about the products you purchase is undeniably important, but so is getting to meet the team that makes them! So, if you’re curious about what’s happening behind the scenes, today we’re giving you a backstage pass. Learn all about the process – from idea to realization – of creating the best kratom products at an affordable price, and meet the team responsible for making it happen! 

To learn more about our staff & our company, visit our About Us page here. 

Meet the Team


Kemal Whyte


Kemal is the founder and CEO of GRH Kratom. Driven by passion for holistic wellness and a desire to positively impact the world, Kemal first started Grassroots Harvest, our sister website. Together with his friend Gavian, they created affordable CBD products without compromising their quality. From here, he used this same passion for venturing into the world of kratom, and today, GRH Kratom strives to create products that have been treated as little as possible before they’re sold to our customers – because we nurture the belief that sharing & caring are one of the most noble virtues. 


When he’s not doing business, Kemal loves to relax by spending time with his incredible wife and two boys!


Gavian Barajas


Gavian Barajas is our CFO and co-founder of GRH Kratom. He’s an expert in accounting and business management, which helps him solve our problems and find a way to turn our ideas into reality. His focus and meticulousness helps us to remain well-grounded as a company.


In his free time, Gavian loves to spend quality time with his family! He also puts together fantastic meals from scratch (and we absolutely adore his cooking skills as well!)


Patrick Gomez


Patrick is GRH Kratom’s Ecommerce and Sales Consultant. Every company needs a dedicated salesperson, and we’re so lucky to have Patrick as one of our own! An excellent addition to our team, Patrick manages and oversees all the wholesale and retail sales. If you’ve ever collaborated with us in this field, chances are you already know how helpful and diligent Patrick is. 


Patrick is just as kind and welcoming outside of work as he is during work. He’s a member of a basketball team, loves to go camping, and will never turn down a get-together with his friends!


Crystal Harral


Crystal H. is our Operations Manager.  Her experience in the pharmaceutical industry make her a great asset to our small but mighty team! Crystal oversees all aspects of R&D, shipping, packaging, product creation, and just about every tiny detail that falls into this category! GRH Kratom wouldn’t be the same without her positive energy and her expertise in this field.


When she’s not working, Crystal enjoys quality time with her husband and son – and her masterful cooking abilities are yet another addition to her long list of talents & qualities!


Vincent Piccirilli


Vincent is our Multimedia Producer – Vincent holds a degree in Film & Media Production. He puts his expertise to use by creating all the visual content on our website. Most photos and videos you see on our website are taken by Vince. GRH Kratom strives to be a unique brand that offers kratom straight from the source. Vincent’s ability to capture this visually is the result of his great eye. 


Vincent writes, directs, and produces short films of his own. You’ll probably find him at the nearest Taco Bell in his free time.


Jasmin Weber


Jasmin is our Marketing Lead and Content Creator. She takes care of the website’s function and development and is responsible for all marketing efforts. Jasmin’s creativity, energy, and ingenuity never fail to impress both our team and our customers!


Being a Website Czar comes naturally to Jasmin, but in her free time, she likes to relax by spending time with her boyfriend and her cat, Peach. If there’s anything our team has in common, it’s our mutual love for food – and Jasmin loves trying out new meals from Austin’s eateries. 

Again, learn more about our company as a whole on our About Us page, here!

Final thoughts


Each and every one of these people is of huge importance for our family-like team here at GRH Kratom. We wouldn’t come even close to the brand we were dreaming of becoming if it weren’t for these wonderful individuals – and our customers as well! We hope you enjoyed getting to meet the team. Now, we want to get to know you – so feel free to use the comment section below to share something you love about yourself or something you love about kratom!


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