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Thailand Kratom

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What You Need To Know About Thai Kratom

As kratom grows in popularity, so too does the rise in popularity for kratom from particular southeast Asian regions. Thai kratom is renowned for its versatility, and GRH is the best place to buy kratom you can trust to be pure, safe, and ethically-sourced.

Thailand is known for its kratom, as all three kratom strains (green, red, and white) grow in Thailand and offer a rich array of fantastic benefits.

The Different Types Of Thai Kratom

Thailand is home to red, white, and green kratom strains. Red kratom is known for its more sedative effects, while white kratom is more known for its energizing and mood elevating effects, making it the perfect kratom for social settings.

Green kratom, meanwhile, falls somewhere in the middle, providing the social benefits of white kratom with the pain alleviating and relaxing qualities of red kratom.

Wondering if Thai Kratom is Right for You?

Thai Kratom’s Effects

Thai kratom is known for being quite pleasant, no matter what vein you end up choosing. Strains of Thai kratom tend not to be too overwhelming (although taking too high a dose of any kind of kratom can be somewhat unpleasant!) These strains of kratom are known for providing smooth, clean effects that aren’t alarmingly strong.

Thai kratom’s effects include:

Focus & Concentration

White Thai kratom will often help users feel alert and improve their focus at lower doses. 

Alleviating Discomfort

Red Thai kratom, such as the Maeng Da strain, will help alleviate chronic discomfort when used in higher doses.


Thai kratom’s effects include improving users’ overall mood, including mild euphoria.

Thai Kratom Dosage

Kratom dosage depends on many different factors, and each individual is different. But a general guide for Thai kratom dosage and its associated effects is:

Focus & Concentration: 2-4 grams

Moderate Discomfort Alleviation & Moderate Focus : 4-6 grams

Relaxation & Discomfort Alleviation: 8-10 grams

Where To Find Thai Kratom For Sale

GRH offers ethically-sourced, incredibly high-quality Thai kratom for sale in both capsule and powder form. By paying our farmers fair wages and sourcing our products from ethical farms, we’re able to deliver you safe, effective, and reliable kratom every time. We work strenuously to avoid over-farming, which means the quality of our kratom remains consistently superb!

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Thai Kratom

Ever wonder what the different strains of kratom mean? Here we’ll give a brief overview of Thai kratom and take a look at its red, white and green strains, along with what makes them so unique. Thai kratom strains are varied & popular, we’ll tell you why!