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Boost Kratom (capsules)


Elevate your workdays and busy nights with Boost Kratom Capsules—a blend designed for sustained focus and energy without the crash. Meticulously combining white vein strains for energizing clarity, sharpened focus, and long-lasting effects. Busy bees, salute! Now, conquer the world with Boost Kratom Capsules.

Half a gram (.5g) per capsule.



BOOST Kratom Capsules (Blend)

This is the capsule version of our proprietary blend of kratom, BOOST, that combines 3-4 powerful white vein kratom strains for a curated set of effects. BOOST is ideal as a pre-workout supplement, or for those who work long hours and need energy without a crash.

Our capsules hold half a gram (1/2 gram or .5 gram) each, which means to take a 2 gram dose you would need to take 4 capsules.

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