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Green Horn Kratom (powder)


Experience the potency of Grassroots Harvest Green Horn Kratom Powder, a single green vein strain known to elevate mood, enhance mental focus, and provide sustained energy. Due to its potency, a lower dose is recommended compared to other strains. Recognized for its remarkable mood-enhancing effects, it proves beneficial for addressing psychological issues like depression and anxiety. Additionally, it is a popular choice for a gentle energy boost and mild pain relief.



Green Horn kratom powder from GRH Kratom. This is a premium single strain of green vein kratom. Green Horn is known for providing a boost to mood and positive vibes, as well as increasing energy somewhat. A potent strain, some people say they can take smaller doses with good effects.

Unlike many kratom strains, Green Horn kratom powder doesn’t get its name based on where the strain is from. Instead, ‘Horn’ refers to the fact that the leaves of this strain of kratom are slightly horned and ridged, whereas usually they are not.

Common Reported Effects:

  • long-lasting, but moderate effects
  • mild euphoria
  • increased sociability
  • mild energy boost

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