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Relax (capsules)


Our blend of red vein kratom is popular among those looking for pain relief or who are having trouble sleeping. It’s known for calming effects that are slightly sedating & euphoric. Perfect after a long day. We’ve combined multiple strains of red vein kratom for the optimal blend of effects. Chill out without being too zonked-out. Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation!

Half a gram (.5g) per capsule.



Learn All About One of the Most Relaxing & Pleasant Kratom Blends on the Market!

While single strain kratom is popular for many reasons (think Green Maeng Da, Red Bali), kratom blends offer a whole lot- and not everyone knows about them!

Why Kratom Blends?

Kratom blends are when a company purposefully combines kratom strains, in order to create a finished product that provides maximum effects and long-lasting benefits. While some shady kratom companies lie about blending kratom (oftentimes because they claim their kratom strains are something they aren’t), we’re happy to let our customers know that Relax is a kratom blend! That’s because our proprietary house kratom blends aren’t made for convenience, they’re made to be the best.

Relax blend of red vein kratom strains by GRH Kratom

Premium proprietary blend. Capsule version.

This is a premium blend of red vein kratom, made by GRH Kratom. This exclusive blend is crafted to enhance the best and most desirable effects of red vein kratom, namely:

Superior stress relief- red vein kratom is known to be calming and, well, relaxing. For those dealing with a lot of daily stress, red vein kratom can be a great way to unwind after a busy day.

Improved bedtime & more ease falling asleep- red vein kratom is also known for being mildly sedating. That makes it a great nighttime option, especially for folks who are hoping to get a better night of sleep.

Relief from discomfort- red vein kratom is typically the vein of kratom with the most alkaloids. Because of this, it is also often the vein of kratom that people find most helpful for discomfort. This blend of red veins should pack a punch.

and more! This is the capsule version of the Relax blend, with half a gram (.5g) per capsule.

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