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White Borneo Kratom (powder)

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A popular pick me up that’s known to provide energy and focus, and may help combat mental sluggishness and sadness because it increases positivity.



White Borneo kratom powder from GRH Kratom. A single strain of kratom white Borneo.

White Borneo is available from GRH Kratom as either a kratom powder for sale or in kratom capsules online. This is the powder version. White Borneo is a relatively intense single strain of kratom. White veins are known for being more on the energizing side of the effects spectrum. This tends to hold true for White Borneo effects as well, which users often describe as providing focus and alertness.

Wondering why people choose it. “What is White Borneo kratom?” This is a great strain for daytime use that many people report as being both beneficial & enjoyable. It truly is the best of both worlds!

Hailing from Borneo originally, this is the white vein version of the Borneo strain. Borneo kratom strains are known for being potent, and that is true of White Borneo as well.

Common Effects: increased energy,  improved focus, better attention, mild euphoria.

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1 review for White Borneo Kratom (powder)

  1. sara (verified owner)

    GRH Kratom is the only brand I trust for my Kratom supplies. They always provide the best quality Kratom that offers you the effects you are looking for.

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