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White Sumatra Kratom (powder)

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An invigorating strain that is popular for its powerful boost to energy and focus. At high doses (+10g) it begins to act like a red vein, mildly sedating.



Kratom is a tree that is found in Southeast Asia, and its leaves possess many beneficial properties. There are different strains (kinds/types) of kratom, and White Sumatra Kratom is one of these strains. It grows in the green forest found in Sumatra. It has been used for years in traditional practices, and local farmers cultivate it in the rich soil.

Sumatra White Kratom is famous for its effects and potency. White vein Kratom has distinctive coloration and effects, making it different from other kratom strains. Unlike other strains, its composition is slightly different as it contains a mix of alkaloids. It has Mitragynine available in large content while 7-hydroxymitragynine in a lower content.

At GRH, our farmers handpick only the best leaves and then finely ground them to turn them into powder. Our powder is very high quality and free of any moisture. We have it available in different sizes, so you can choose your desired quantity. Our high-grade packaging ensures that the powder stays fresh.

Interestingly, you can consume Sumatra Kratom White in a number of ways. You can mix it into food, take it as it is through toss and wash or brew it into tea. 

In simple words, White Sumatra Kratom is tailor-made for Kratom-heads, and GRH helps you make the best out of it by providing the most commendable quality. So, check out our website and buy White Sumatra Kratom powder online!

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1 review for White Sumatra Kratom (powder)

  1. jack (verified owner)

    I got my Sumatra Kratom order yesterday, and I am amazed by the quality. The powder is nice and fresh. It smells awesome. Thank you for a great experience.

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