Should You ‘Parachute’ Kratom & How Do You Parachute Kratom?

Should You ‘Parachute’ Kratom? 

Kratom is a naturally occurring supplement originally from the Southeast Asian region. It is famed for its unique properties and wide range of benefits it offers. For some, it is a great energy booster while for others, it serves as a pain and anxiety alleviator. Today, millions of people around the world use Kratom. Kratom can be taken via a wide variety of ways. Each method registers a different effect on the body. If taken in its powder form, Kratom does tend to leave a bitter taste in the mouth. However, users seem to have circumvented this side effect through a new method gaining momentum – parachuting. But what is parachuting, and should you try it? Let’s take a look at how to parachute kratom.


What Is Parachuting?

Simply put, parachuting can only be done with powdered substances. In order to do this, you need to wrap the powder in s a covering – most people use toilet paper before swallowing it. By parachuting, you are essentially getting the substance into your body without worrying about the taste or smell. Let’s talk about parachuting kratom.

Although Toilet Paper is the most common way of parachuting Kratom and most substances, it is not the only option available. It became an obvious choice as it is the most common item available in the home of most people parachuting for the first time. But as a method, it also has its flaws. It might be off-putting swallowing tissue paper that had been sitting in your toilet for weeks. Also, in the past, there have been reports of users that almost choked because of this method. 

If you must parachute with tissue paper, it is important to be cautious and start out with a small amount of the supplement you wish to ingest. There has also been reports that parachuting slows down the time it takes for the effect of the substance to be noticable within the body. That’s because tissue is usually thicker than capsules and powder. 

Other important things to note about parachuting kratom:

  • Some say that once you are done wrapping your Kratom, dipping it into water before swallowing it will help seal it better. But it could also melt the capsule and dissolve it into water. 
  • Avoid biting off more than you can chew. It is very easy to make a bag that is too big and difficult to swallow. As we like to say when discussing Kratom dosages, work your way up to your desired dose. Do not simply jump straight to ingesting 4 grams of Kratom; odds are it wouldn’t go well.
  • If you are using other means of ingestion like oblate discs, ensure you do not use them as a means of storing Kratom. The discs aren’t meant to preserve the content within it. Any exposure to moisture would begin to break down the starch that forms the composing factor 

Finally, is kratom safe to parachute?

Truth is, with the right research and precautions in place, Kratom could be safe to parachute. Parachuting is popular many as an excellent way of ingesting Kratom, but it is not for everyone. And thankfully, there are a couple of other interesting ways of ingesting Kratom and enjoying the benefits your body needs. To be clear- there is an increased risk in parachuting kratom as it allows you to take a larger dose at once than you normally would. Be cautious when parachuting kratom. We are not medical professionals nor is this medical advice, merely our best understanding on the subject. If you have further questions ask your physician. 

But if you are looking for something new and do not mind the extra time it takes to wrap the supplement every day, parachuting Kratom is for you. 

As a Kratom vendor, we take immense pride in being about to clarify some misunderstandings surrounding Kratom while offering the best information about it, how to use it, its effects, and so on. if you want to read more about Kratom, you can check out our other articles here and you can check out our store here to go through our wide range of premium Kratom options available.

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