New: Texas Kratom Consumer Act (HB 1097)

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A few months ago, in April 2021, the Texas House of Representatives passed this bill- HB-1097, otherwise known as the Texas Kratom Consumer Act. More recently, the Texas Senate Committee on Health & Human Services also voted ‘yes’ to HB-1097. Let’s take a look at what that all means. These votes are a big positive […]

Chinese New Year & The Suez Canal Blockage- Shipping Impacts

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February and March are months of massive delays in supply chains and shipping due to the celebration of the Chinese New Year. With everything that happened at the Suez Canal recently as well, we decided to shine a light on shipping issues. We want to explain just how much various predictable and unpredictable situations can […]

Buy Kratom with Cryptocurrency – How to Use Crypto in the Kratom Market

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There’s been a rapid rise in the popularity of Bitcoins and the concept of cryptocurrency in general. It’s only natural, then, that this currency would find itself circulating in markets as an alternative way to make payments. One of these industries is the kratom market. Curious about what cryptocurrency is, why it might be the […]

Pandemic & The Opioid Crisis | Is Kratom an Opioid

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Did you know the COVID-19 pandemic is making the U.S.’ opioid crisis even worse? Newsweek recently released an article that digs into the opioid crisis and how the pandemic is impacting well, pretty much everything.  As if we didn’t hate Corona enough already, there’s something new we can blame it for. The opioid crisis is […]