The Kratom Red Bubble Technique: DIY Guide

Have you ever wondered whether there is a way to maximize the effects of your Kratom use? Now we are not talking about using a potentiator. What we are referring to is a red bubble method for transforming your kratom from its initial state into one that is more potent. 

Kratom leaves, like many other medicinal herbs, contain alkaloids that can be extracted from the plant to produce an especially potent extract that improves the absorption and satisfaction of Kratom. 

Now although large-scale Kratom extraction is a both time-consuming and expensive process, Kratom enthusiasts have invented an at-home Kratom extraction method that allows users to produce the extract they need without the use of modern laboratory apparatus. 

The Kratom community refers to this procedure as “The Red Bubble Method”. If you want to find out more about this method itself and how you can use it to satisfy your exact needs from the comfort of your home, keep reading!


What Exactly Is The Red Bubble Method?

It is one of the unique methods for extracting alkaloids that makes sure they are all extracted so you can benefit the most from them. This method begins by freezing Kratom and the water together. 

red bubble method
red bubble method

This is a great way to get the refreshing effects of this natural herb. Red bubble kratom is, to put it simply, the alkaloids that are extracted when kratom solidifies immediately after being frozen. If you dig deeper, you’ll discover that when Speciosa freezes, its cell walls are crushed, extracting all the alkaloids for you to use whenever you like. 

If you look closely at the ice surface as the powdered kratom freezes with the water, a red bubble will start to appear. This method is known as “red bubble kratom” because of the presence of this bubble. Do you want to know something fascinating? 

You will still get a  red bubble on the ice’s surface even if you use green vein Kratom for the at-home Kratom extraction. Isn’t it incredible? So no matter which Kratom strain you use, you will get a red bubble. 

What Makes This Method So Unique?

Well, when you ingest Kratom in the form of tablets or powder, it is immediately digested in your stomach. You are then exposed to its alkaloids. The situation with red bubble Kratom is quite different from that, though.

Alkaloids are still easily accessible when you take red bubble Speciosa so you can benefit from them to the fullest extent before Mitragyna Speciosa begins to break them down.

As a result, taking a red bubble extract has a stronger and quicker effect than taking Speciosa as pills or powder. You will absolutely love the red bubble Kratom if you prefer strong effects.

What Is The Science Behind This Method?

There is a clear scientific explanation for why this red bubble method works so much better than the ordinary method of kratom consumption.

Whenever we freeze water inside a container, the edges start freezing first. This crystallization starts moving from the sides toward the center of the container. However, in doing so, the impurities or solid substances inside the solution are also pushed toward the centre of the mixture. In this case, the impurity happens to be the kratom we have added to the water.

Once all the kratom is pushed to the center, it gets squeezed in, and the pressure exerted on the compound bursts the cell walls of kratom. This is when the alkaloids contained in the kratom get released into the mixture and are then absorbed by the acid present. The alkaloids are now available for consumption in a much higher concentration than they would otherwise be. 

Red Bubble Method Instructions: The Ultimate Walk-Through

By now, you must know that we need to freeze Kratom powder with water in the red bubble method. There are some other additional ingredients that help Kratom’s overall qualities be improved so that its effects are more potent.

Let’s look at the ingredients needed to make your own red bubble Kratom at home.

What You Will Need

Not only will you require a few ingredients other than the Kratom powder and water, but you will also need some equipment. This is a complete list of things you will require.

  • High-quality Kratom powder
  • Freezer-friendly glass container
  • Lemon Juice or citric acid powder.
  • Distilled Water 
  • Stove to boil the water
  • Stirrer to prepare the mixture

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The Procedure

Once you have gathered all the things you will need, get ready to make your very own Kratom extract. Prepare your workstation and get started by following these steps.

Step 1

Start by adding your measured Kratom to your freezer-friendly container. 

Then add in the lemon juice or citric acid powder and mix until the mixture resembles pancake batter. If you are using citric acid powder, you must first dissolve it in water before adding it into the container. Make sure you use roughly the same amount of lemon juice as kratom. Add more lemon juice if necessary to achieve the desired consistency if the batter is too thick.

Step 2

Secondly, boil your distilled water before letting it stand for a few minutes until it is cool enough to handle. While it is possible to extract this way with water that is at room temperature, it appears that very hot water separates the plant substance and its alkaloids better. Moreover, using very hot water causes the solution to turn red, giving rise to the name “Red Bubble.” 

Step 3

Then you would have to pour hot water into the Kratom mixture. Stir the mixture gradually until the container is almost full. You should add as much hot water as the Kratom mixture itself in order to completely dissolve the solvent mixture in the water.

Step 4

The next step is to put the mixture in the freezer for 4–6 hours, or for as long as it takes for it to completely freeze. After a few hours, you will see a red bubble. Once you have taken out your frozen mixture from the freezer, you’ll notice that the plant matter has settled to the bottom of the container. 

Step 5

Finally, heat the frozen Kratom and water a few times to benefit from the alkaloids released. To get the stronger effects, all you have to do is keep freezing and melting it several times.

Now you can either simply consume your new extract on its own or combine it with your preferred beverage to use it. Make sure you follow the serving recommendations on your Kratom packaging. Let’s say you used 3 servings during the extraction, your final extract will also contain 3 servings of Kratom alkaloids.

Things To Consider

The Red Bubble Kratom method is an easy way to get a greater concentration of alkaloids without having to use any potentiators to do the trick. However, you have to be careful about a few things to make sure you make the most out of your Kratom powder.  

Choose The Right Kratom

The potency (alkaloid content) of the kratom you started with will ultimately determine the potency of your finished product. The more alkaloids will be drawn out of the kratom leaf the more there are to start with. Since there are currently no commercially available tests for measuring the levels of all alkaloids, we rely on the amount of mitragynine in the substance to estimate its general potency. 

This percentage can vary greatly depending on the strain, but the average is probably around 1.3%. The mitragynine content of green kratom strains tends to be the highest. So using green variants of the substance is a good way to get your red bubble Kratom off to the best possible start.

Don’t Waste The Alkaloids 

Kratom Alkaloids- Read on GRH Kratom

Once you have your Kratom extract ready, you have to make a choice. Do you leave the kratom solids in the drink to make it less gritty or do you strain them out knowing that doing so would mean discarding valuable alkaloids? The decision is ultimately determined by your tolerance for the taste and consistency of kratom.

Although we cannot vouch for the factual accuracy of this statement, it is believed that after the red bubble kratom extraction, 16% of the total alkaloid content is still present in the powder form. Remember that these alkaloids are all primed for your body at this point, so you’re getting the most out of your kratom with this method. 

If you really want to get the most out of your powder, you can take it a step further and combine it with other products to potentiate the alkaloids. In order to increase the body’s absorption of kratom or to extend its half-life in the body, a number of potentiators can be used along with it, such as grapefruit juice and apple cider vinegar. 


Since Kratom produced as a result of this method is much more potent considering its high alkaloid content, we would recommend you use a small dose of about 1-3 grams. At this dosage, the substance will work as a stimulant and would not be sedative. A moderate dosage will also prevent you from developing a substance addiction.

What Role Does Acid Play?

Different acids, such as vinegar, apple juice, or fresh lemon juice, dissolve the alkaloids present in the Kratom. The acid in your stomach aids in the dissolution of all alkaloids and has a significant impact on you by introducing them into your body. In a nutshell, you could say that the addition of acid during this extraction process increases the potency and strength of your Kratom.


Final Words

What makes this method so special is the fact that you can accentuate the benefits of the plant while using any strain of Kratom of your choice. You may use a white strain if you need an extra boost in the morning or a red strain if you want to unwind in the evening. 

Similarly you can experiment with a  green vein strain to experience the best of both worlds. Now that you have learned how to extract Kratom at home, we hope you have a fun time experimenting in your kitchen.


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