How To Take Kratom: The Ultimate Guide

In this kratom users’ guide, we’ll walk you through just a few of the many ways out there which you can take kratom. Keep in mind, there is no best way to take kratom, it entirely depends on what level of convenience you need, whether you’re in a hurry or whether you have time to sit back and enjoy the experience.

Kratom Dosage

Kratom is an incredibly interesting and complicated plant, and the alkaloid content of kratom varies in every single strain. This is why different strains have different effects, and why everyone is affected in different ways by the various strains of kratom. 

But with that said, if you’re taking kratom for energy, especially white kratoms, we recommend a lower dose of around 1-5 grams. Heavier doses of red kratoms, especially in the 10-15 grams range, will likely produce feelings of deep relaxation.

How much kratom per day one takes is largely dependent on the user’s body size, tolerance to kratom, the strain of kratom and how well the individual processes this strain’s particular alkaloid structure. Long story short, there is no set limit of daily kratom intake, but we generally recommend not exceeding 20 grams per day.

How To Take Kratom


One of the easiest and most convenient ways to enjoy kratom is to take kratom capsules. Kratom capsules come in pre measured amounts, which makes it incredibly convenient to discreetly enjoy kratom at the office, with friends or wherever you may be. 

The downside to kratom capsules is often that many capsules are required to achieve the desired dose. So how to take kratom capsules often means experienced users must take 10-12 capsules in order to achieve any measurable effect. This is enough to stop many people from taking kratom capsules, and leads many kratom users to the quicker route of Toss’n’Wash.


The Toss’n’Wash is one of the fastest ways to take kratom, and is a way to just “get it over with”. While kratom users love the plant for its medicinal effects, kratom powder has a very earthy and strong flavor that certainly doesn’t appeal to everyone. For those that don’t want to swallow multiple capsules, Toss’n’Wash is a great alternative.

Toss’n’Wash involves measuring out your desired kratom and gently placing it on your tongue, then swilling the powder around with a glass of hot water and swallowing. Remember not to try to swallow it all at once, as this is likely to result in kratom powder in the back of your throat, which is also highly unpleasant.

While it’s not necessarily pleasant, the Toss’n’Wash is the quickest way to ingest large amounts of kratom. But, for those who want to take their time enjoying their kratom, kratom tea is an excellent alternative.

Kratom Tea

One of the best ways to take kratom, kratom tea is made by putting kratom in a tea bag and letting it steep in boiling water for ~20 minutes, much like traditional teas. Longer steep times lead to stronger teas, and keep in mind that hot water more readily activates kratom alkaloids, producing a stronger effect.


Kratom on an empty stomach provides the most benefits, thus taking kratom with food like yogurt can detract from its overall effects. But with that said, if you struggle with taking kratom on an empty stomach and experience nausea or discomfort, yogurt is a great way to enjoy your kratom.

To do this, simply stir in your kratom powder to a yogurt of your choice. We highly recommend fruity yogurts with added sugar that will help mask the strong taste of kratom. But if you’re averse to added sugars, you can always try plain yogurt and add your own honey to make it sweeter.

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  • steven Schmidt says:

    Your dose is way higher than other Kratom sites
    Is it all about volume sales??

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Absolutely not, in this article we recommend 1-5grams for low doses, 10-15grams for high doses. We don’t recommend that people start off taking 10-15grams, that would be for very strong effects, an experienced user who’s potentially dealing with tolerance issues, or someone who’s a bit on the heavier side as your size may impact how much you need per dose. For most, sticking to 1-5grams is totally satisfactory. We have customers who love smaller doses & those that enjoy larger doses, and we want to provide information for both. The most important thing is being safe- have some food in your stomach and start with smaller doses if you’re new to kratom!

  • SANDIE BOCK says:

    HOW do you measure 5 grams? How many grams in a tsp or TBSP?

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