American Kratom Association (AKA) Urges FDA To Regulate Kratom Via Consumer Advisory

Washington D.C.– In the latest development in the kratom industry, the American Kratom Association has responded to the wrongful death jury awards linked to Kratom products.

The AKA has issued a Customer Advisory urging the FDA to regulate Kratom products and conduct strict checks on manufacturing standards. 

Following is the Consumer Advisory that was issued, highlighting the failure of the FDA to regulate Kratom Products.


  1. The American Kratom Association urges the FDA to immediately publish product manufacturing standards for kratom products that are sold to consumers and encourage the removal of kratom products that do not provide adequate labeling instructions, including recommended serving sizes and product ingredient listings, and appropriate warnings on conditions of use.
  2. Until the FDA implements a rational set of standards to protect consumers, the AKA advises kratom consumers they should not purchase or consume kratom products that:
  • Have not been certified by an independent third-party lab to be free of dangerous contaminants or contain adulterants that could be dangerous to consume.
  • Are offered for sale from a vendor that markets its product with illegal therapeutic claims.
  • Do not contain the name of the product distributor so that a consumer can file an adverse event report if required.
  • Are delivered in unprofessional packaging, i.e., zip lock bags, product information written with a pen or sharpie, or handwritten product information.

Mac Haddow, a senior fellow on public policy, said, “The FDA’s irresponsible war on kratom and the Agency’s refusal to implement product manufacturing and marketing standards has led to the marketing of dangerous kratom products, exposing consumers to unacceptable risks.” He expressed concerns regarding the latest product liability awards. He believes these actions to be a direct result of the FDA’s inability to regulate the Kratom market and also the exploitative behavior of some trial attorneys.

He clarified that the verdict was based on the Kratom product manufacturers’ inability to label their products with instructions for safe use and to provide information about contaminants. Haddow also pointed out that the AKA had submitted up to 75 complaints of malpractice by manufacturers, but not even one complaint was heeded.

“The safety and addiction profile of pure, unadulterated kratom is well-documented by science, and there is no known level of kratom use that would cause any fatality unless it is irresponsibly consumed, adulterated with a toxic drug, or used concurrently with a deadly drug substance,” Haddow continued.

Finally, Haddow promised support for any congressional action to compel the FDA to implement comprehensive standards for the manufacturing and marketing of Kratom products. These regulations will protect consumers in the United States and ensure the use of Kratom responsibly.

About the American Kratom Association:

The American Kratom Association (AKA), a Virginia-registered non-profit corporation established in 2014, is dedicated to protecting the rights of all Americans to legally consume safe kratom to better manage their overall health and well-being.

The American Kratom Association has been involved in many other kratom advocacy and consumer safety initiatives. They have worked closely with state and federal legislators to advocate for policies that support responsible kratom regulation. They have been making efforts to prevent the outright ban on kratom by supporting scientific research to achieve a better understanding of its potential benefits.


Haddow has also provided testimony on various forums to present AKA’s perspective and has been closely monitoring legislative developments related to regulations and prospective kratom bans. In a recent hearing in Wisconsin, Haddow testified that this is an industry catering to 15 million Americans, and they have all safely benefited from it. He reiterated the need for responsible labeling, making this product safe for use by consumers.

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