What Is The Best Kratom for Discomfort? Learn Here

At GRH Kratom, we know our kratom strains! We’ve tried multiple options and most of us are big enthusiasts. Many of our customers ask us about what is the best kratom for discomfort. While we can’t make medical claims, we asked our lab team and we’ve come up with a list of strains that may ease discomfort and promote relaxation. 

Many users say they get the effects they were looking for. Keep in mind that kratom affects different people in various ways, so you may have a different experience. If you want a cozy feeling, slight sedation, and even a little euphoria, try the strains we’ve listed below.

Need the Most Sedating Kratom? Try These Popular Red Veins

You may want to experiment with:

  • Red Maeng Da A powerful strain with high alkaloid content, and is popular for providing pleasant relaxation and relief, as well as positivity.
  • Red Indo – The effects of our Red Indo strain are intense because the leaves have a high alkaloid content.
  • Bentuangie – One of the newer strains of kratom, found to be very relaxing, mildly sedating, and popular for relief.
  • RELAX (blend) – We’ve combined multiple strains of red vein kratom for the optimal blend of effects. You’ll be able to chill out without being too zonked out. Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation!

red bali kratom for pain

Harvest Time & Their Effect on Kratom

Red vein strains are the oldest version of the kratom plant. The type of kratom that you’ll end up with (and the effects it’ll have) depends on when you harvest the kratom leaves, how you dry them, and where they’re grown. White veins are harvested the earliest, then green veins, with red veins staying on the tree the longest. 

What does harvest time have to do with the effects of kratom leaves?

Think of the kratom leaves like a person:

  • White veins are like teens/young adults: bright, full of energy, motivated & lively.
  • Green veins are like mature adults: a bit calmer, still active but with less energy & more positivity.
  • Red veins are like elderly people: they’ve slowed down, are much calmer & have much less energy. These are the more relaxing strains of kratom.

So, to get the most relaxation and relief from your kratom, be sure to pick up red vein strains.

Staff Picks!

Find out what GRH products our staff uses to add an extra layer of relaxation & comfort to their lives.

Kemal (CEO / Founder) – After an intense workout, Kemal will often use Red Maeng Da or Bentuangie to help ease his sore muscles.

Patrick (Sales)- Patrick plays basketball with a team in Austin, and after an intense game, he typically turns to Red Indo or our RELAX blend of kratom.

Get High-Quality Strains from GRH Kratom!

Any red vein (taken in a normal/average dose) should provide relief from discomfort, relaxation, and some euphoria, too! But the strains we listed above are often said to be the best kratom for discomfort. Shop with us and get premium kratom for sale.


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