Can You Buy Kratom With PayPal? Ways to Buy Kratom Online


Can You Buy Kratom With PayPal? Ways to Buy Kratom Online

April 29, 2022

From buying the right Mitragyna strain as per your health-related needs to selecting the best Kratom vendor to buy Mitragyna online, Kratom enthusiasts have been on a roller coaster ride to solve these tricky pieces of puzzles. Right after you have placed your order, the “payment section” pops up with additional surprises. What payment method should you choose? Does this vendor offer PayPal? Can I use PayPal credit to buy Kratom online?

Huff! We completely understand the fact that for most Mitragyna users, PayPal seems to be the easiest payment method. But unfortunately, you would only find a handful of vendors offering it for clearing the payment at the checkout. To get your queries about PayPal and Kratom resolved, after conducting extensive research, I have crafted this blog post to keep things pretty simple on your end when you want to try Kratom online. So, let’s get straight into this piece and dig deeper into this query – can you buy kratom with PayPal today?

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Can you buy Kratom with a PayPal account? 

Let’s solve this – Can you buy kratom with PayPal right now? Your one word answer is – YES! But, the entire background behind this is not as simple as you might be thinking. We all know that in the Kratom community everyone values security and privacy, exclusively after President Trump had signed the internet privacy repeal. Right after that online consumers bank on Virtual Private Networks and other similar privacy-protecting tools to be 100% sure that their information is anonymous and safe. For most of us, this means using PayPal and other equally trusting payment options when shopping online. Now, here’s another problem. Although PayPal has been a top choice for payments considering the consumers of America, you won’t find an extensive window of Kratom vendors offering PayPal as a Payment method.

A few have started offering Bitcoins and Menero for payments. But, there are a significant pool of vendors who do not offer these payment options just like PayPal.

CODs, Postal money orders, and credit card transactions are the most common payment options available for Kratom enthusiasts. There are also a few exceptions for credit cards since credit card merchants are not agreeable to run a risk on Kratom vendors keeping in view the high risk nature of Mitragyna Speciosa industry. However, if you want to buy Kratom with PayPal, you could be a lucky one if you find the right vendor and discuss everything beforehand.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to buy Kratom online using PayPal:

  • Have a sneak-peek into notorious kratom forums

Reddit and I LOVE KRATOM are tremendous forums where you can find literally anything related to Mitragyna. They have information on the best Kratom strains, top vendors, or how you can buy Kratom using PayPal. There are high chances that someone would already have posted a query about buying Kratom using PayPal. You can easily get your hands on the entire thread discussing the most trustworthy vendors.


  • Reach out to your favorite vendor

Even if the kratom vendor has not mentioned “PayPal” as an acceptable payment method at their e-store you can simply contact them over e-mail or their direct contact number and inquire about it. You may get surprised! Some vendors may accept this payment option if you are a regular customer or you want to buy bulk kratom. 


  • Look out for alternative options

If you somehow fail to find an authentic vendor, it is essential to expand your horizons. Yes without a doubt PayPal has been the most convenient medium for all your payment-related needs. But, you can also go for alternative payment options. 

Can you use PayPal Credit to buy Mitragyna Speciosa online? 

PayPal still offers a feature of PayPal Credit, but you still have to go through a few hitches. First of all when you choose PayPal Credit, PayPal would first approve the kratom vendor. Moreover, if you look around for a vendor who offers PayPal Credit, chances are that you won’t find any. However, there’s a plus using PayPal credit, you get a chance to clear the payment over a number of months. This closed program would probably be available to a few vendors. However, it is expected that none of the vendors offer this at the checkout (so far). 

Still if you succeed in finding the vendor offering either PayPal or PayPal Credit, you must know that you may put your account at risk while using them. Since PayPal can cancel or freeze your account if you buy Mitragyna Speciosa using it (as it is against their Terms of Conditions), it would be wise to be at a safer end and look for alternative options. 


Why do Kratom vendors not offer PayPal for accepting payments? 

Here’s that pinching question you have been trying to get through. Why these vendors do not offer PayPal at the checkout? First of all, we all know that Kratom is still illegal in a few US states, and some other countries. For this reason, most of the sites do not offer PayPal, as they have this clearly mentioned in their Terms and Conditions sections that they can freeze the account during the payment processing if there’s anything related to kratom purchase right there. For this reason, vendors keep things easy at their end so that their business keeps progressing without any uninvited hassles.

Despite knowing the fact that PayPal can be a huge risk for the vendors and it may freeze the money, you will come across some vendors who would offer this payment option. Maybe their brand name does not include anything related to Kratom that’s why they get through it or maybe any other XYZ vendor. We hope they continue to offer this payment option safely. 

Should you use your PayPal to buy Kratom online? 

It is entirely up to you if you want to take the risk or not. But as per our recommendation, we would suggest to be safe and go with other payment options that the vendor offers. If you dig deeper over Reddit, you come across this thread “Kratom is against PayPal TOS? Does it say that anywhere?”. You can clearly get the idea through the comments of other users that PayPal has all the rights to freeze or cancel your account if they find you have purchased Kratom using it. It is essential to go through all the fine points of their TOS and do not risk your account. PayPal have assigned these specific duties of finding deceitful activities if being carried out through any account. Even if you are just buying kratom, PayPal would still consider it fraudulent and against their TOS. 

Reddit User Reviews about buying Kratom with PayPal 

You would probably have searched for “Can you buy Kratom with PayPal Reddit” if you had to look for the user reviews of the reddit users considering this query. If you have a sneak-peek over Reddit, you will come across mixed user experiences. Some would suggest authentic vendors who can be trusted for buying kratom with PayPal. Others warn saying this can cause a huge trouble and your account may get terminated. 

Alternative Payment options that you can use to shop kratom online 

If you fail to buy Kratom with PayPal in the USA, you can always count on other payment options that are available. It is sure-shot true that you won’t get your account terminated with these payment methods. Send a payment worry-free using the following payment options:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. E-checks
  3. Money gram
  4. Crypto 
  5. COD (Cash on Delivery)

Final Takeaway

It is true that you can buy Mitragyna Speciosa with a PayPal account but make sure you have done your research beforehand. Research the best forums like Reddit and I Love Kratom and get an understanding of what users are recommending. In our view, Malaka Kratom, SOSA Speciosa, King Borneo Botanical, Nugroz Botanical, and Sumbawa Kratom are the most trusted vendors if you want to pay through PayPal. Last but not the least; make sure you contact your vendor before placing an order. However, it would be best if you look for other payment options as well that won’t cause you any harm and are totally risk-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  •  Can you buy Kratom with PayPal safely?

According to a few user reviews, if your vendor offers PayPal, and has been helping other users get their payment cleared through PayPal, you can safely use it to buy Kratom online.


  •  Can you buy Kratom with PayPal using a credit card?

Yes, you can buy Kratom with PayPal using your credit card if your vendor offers this payment method. 


  •  Which kratom vendors offer PayPal as a payment method?

Coastline Kratom, Kratom Quality, Austin Vibes, Malaka Kratom, SOSA Speciosa, and Borneo Botanicals offer PayPal, but make sure you personally contact them for all the queries you have. 


  •  Will my account get seized if I buy kratom with PayPal?

We cannot say anything about it since a few users successfully got their payment processed through PayPal while others got their accounts terminated. 


  • When did PayPal ban Mitragyna Speciosa?

We are not sure exactly when PayPal banned Mitragyna Speciosa but it is quite evident that they do not accept kratom being purchased through PayPal.

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