Everything You Need to Know About White Kratom

If you’ve ever started looking into kratom for sale, you’ve no doubt realized that there are multiple varieties including white kratom. As with all strains of kratom, white vein kratom comes from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. However, generally, only young leaves are used. Mitragyna speciosa grows in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, and other countries in Southeast Asia. White kratom is produced in several sub-strains, and many are named after the country in which they originated. 

White kratom is more potent than red or green kratom. Many people report that it gives them a mild stimulant effect that helps them to get through the day. If you want to learn more about white strain kratom, keep reading.


Types of White Kratom

Let’s look at some of the most well-known types of white strain kratom.

White Borneo

This could very well be the most popular white strain kratom. Fans of White Borneo say low doses bring them mental clarity and relief from discomfort. While low doses are reported to have a stimulant effect, higher doses can be more relaxing and sedating. White Borneo may offer the widest range of properties in a single strain.

White Thai

This high-quality strain is used both recreationally and medicinally. The reported White Thai kratom effects include feelings of euphoria. White Thai is rare, but it’s one of the best white kratom strains. 

White Sumatra

White Sumatra is grown in Sumatra, Indonesia and it’s one of the most potent types of white kratom. It is said to boost energy, clear the mind, and improve focus. Many people like to use a small dose at the start of the day, sometimes in their morning coffee. However, some use a larger dose to get a relaxing effect.  

White Bali

This is another popular white strain kratom. White Bali is one of the milder white strains but it’s known as a classic white. This means it is more likely to offer the energy and focus-boosting effects that people expert from white kratom. Many people say White Bali Kratom effects are closer to those of green or red vein kratom.

White Elephant

White Elephant gets its name from the shape of its leaves which resemble elephant ears. It’s different from several other types of white kratom in that it doesn’t typically provide a boost in energy. Rather, it is known for relieving tension and improving mood. It may also help to promote focus like other white veins.

White Horn

White Horn kratom’s name is inspired by the shape of its leaves. It is one of the newer white kratom strains but it has quickly become popular. White Horn has mood and focus-boosting effects and it’s very potent. Some people use it as an alternative to coffee or energy drinks.

White Hulu

Another well-known strain of white kratom is White Hulu. It is cultivated in the Hulu forest which borders Malaysia and Indonesia. White Hulu is energy-boosting in lower doses and may also offer some relief from discomfort. In high doses, it’s likely to be more relaxing. People often say their mind is more focused and they don’t experience euphoria.

White Jong-Kong

White JongKong Kratom gets its name from the JongKong region of Indonesia. It’s a combination of two white kratom strains and it is best for experienced users. It is often used to lift mood, reduce anxiety, and also relieve discomfort. White JongKong is a strong strain that can improve focus and memory.

White Maeng-Da

Maeng-Da kratom is a genetically modified strain of kratom that’s named after a water bug. Since White Maeng Da contains more alkaloids than other white kratom strains, a standard dose can be more potent than other strains.

White Sunda

This is the last white strain kratom we’ll discuss. White Sunda kratom is named after the Sunda Islands in Southeast Asia. It is made from a mixture of 60 percent white vein and 40 percent green vein kratom. It is said to be highly stimulating and moderately euphoric. It may improve mood, motivation, and energy and some users say they get relief from both low mood and anxious feelings.

White Kratom Effects: What Do People Use Kratom for?

As you can see, there are slight differences in the various strains of white kratom. However, they are generally known for certain effects.

Energy Boost

If you asked “what is white kratom used for?”, most people would tell you it’s used to boost energy. Users report feeling more alert and energetic.

Mood Enhancement

Some strains and dosages of white vein kratom are said to help users feel more cheerful and a lot lighter. However, the effect is less intense than with red vein kratom. 

Mental Clarity and Focus 

Some fans of white kratom turn to it when they have an exam or a big project at work for improved concentration and mental clarity. 

Anxiety Relief

People who feel stressed or anxious often say they find relief when they use white strain kratom. This may be because the active ingredient, mitragynine, binds to the opioid receptors in the brain.blend bag white

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