How Long Does Kratom Last? A Brief Overview

Kratom Basics- How Long Does Kratom Last & When To Take More Kratom

Kratom beginners often want to know how long the effects will last. We get questions like “how long does kratom last?” or “how many times a day can I take kratom?”. If you’ve been wondering how long to wait between kratom doses, the information on this page is for you. A lot depends on what kind of kratom you try and how much you take.

In general, white veins are energizing. However, green veins such as Green Thai Kratom have euphoric effects, and red veins such as Red Bali Kratom sedate and relax you. The effects also depend on the amount you take. Low doses tend to be more energizing and focusing, while larger doses tend to be a bit sedating. 

This means that you need to use both a strain and an amount that will deliver the desired effects. For example, if you’re hoping to take kratom for energy, be sure to use a white vein or a green vein and take a low-to-moderate dose. If you’re hoping to take kratom for relaxation, be sure to use a red vein and take a moderate to high dose (but be sure not to overdo it!).

How Different Types of Kratom May Affect You

If you use an energizing vein and dosage, you’ll likely feel more alert, awake, and energized with increased motivation and desire to accomplish tasks. Euphoric kratom will probably have you feeling positive, talkative, and sociable. Green Thai Kratom will have these effects.

Meanwhile, sedating kratom is likely to make you feel very relaxed and calm. Most people describe sedating kratom as highly pleasant. You may notice less pain and increased sleepiness. Red Bali Kratom would give such effects.

How Long Does Kratom Last?

Everyone has a unique experience with kratom and as you can see, there are many variables. However, we can give a broad answer to the question of “how long does kratom last?”. Typically, the effects last for four to six hours. 

The effects of kratom and when they happen depend on a few things- if you’ve eaten food recently, kratom may take longer to kick in, however it can be beneficial to have food before kratom to prevent any feelings of nausea.

Your experience may vary depending on your metabolism, the way you took kratom, and if you took in on an empty stomach. When taking kratom on an empty stomach, effects are typically noticeable in 20 to 30 minutes. If you have food in your stomach, it could take 45 to 60 minutes for kratom to kick in fully.

For those who are larger, or have a slower metabolism, give kratom a chance to kick in before taking more, as this might result in too high of a dose. 

When Does Kratom Peak?

When are kratom effects the strongest? Typically, people feel the strongest effects from their kratom dose 1-2 hours after taking it. Around the 3-4 hour mark is when effects typically start to wear off. 

How Long to Wait Between Kratom Doses

When you know the answer to the question of “how long does kratom last?”, it’s natural to wonder “how many times a day can I take kratom?”. Given what we said above about how long the effects of kratom last, it’s recommended that you wait at least four to six hours between doses. If you want to take more frequent doses, you may need to reduce the amount you take each time. It’s best for beginners to start with small doses and be careful with their frequency of use.

If you need more information on how long the effects of kratom last or how long to wait between kratom doses, the team at GRH Kratom is here to help. Not only do we have a wide range of kratom for sale but we are highly knowledgeable about our products. Contact us today!


  • C says:

    Hey how long should I wait to drink alcohol after drinking kratom?

    • Dave says:

      I don’t know but a lot of people don’t feel the urge to drink anymore after taking kratom

    • Me says:

      Depends on the person. I looked that up a year ago when first taking kratom. Some people can’t tolerate it…some feel no bad effects at all. Definitely would wait at least long enough for it to digest. If nothing else, so you don’t overdo the drinking too soon, because they will amplify each other.

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