How To Choose Where To Buy Kratom Wholesale

Want to buy kratom wholesale? It’s never been easier! At Grassroots Harvest, you can choose from a wide array of pure, high-quality kratom, brought to you directly from a farm in Indonesia! Learn more about our kratom and the process of bringing it into your store in the next few paragraphs!  


Third-party lab testing 


Unlike many other companies, what makes us unique is our reputable third-party lab testing. Why is this important? Because kratom has the potential to be a safe alternative to some synthetic products when sourced, treated, and tested properly. Lab testing makes all the difference so you can be sure of the quality and strength of our kratom.

What our third-party lab testing ensures is that the kratom we bring to your stores will always be safe, clean, and ready to offer to our customers. Many companies do not conduct third-party lab tests, making it hard to know for sure if you’re getting high-quality products. . 


Our approach to lab testing is clear – we believe in cleanliness and quality, rather than making a profit from fake claims. No exceptions.


Our kratom comes directly from a farm in Indonesia

Aside from lab testing, what really matters when you buy kratom wholesome is knowing where it’s grown, harvested, and ground into powder. Having a good connection with a quality kratom farm is 

buy kratom wholesale kratom farm

undeniably important – it ensures that what you buy is consistent and worth your money. Instead of combining cheap, suspicious strains of kratom and selling them to you, we work with a family-owned kratom farm in Indonesia. We’ve worked with the same farm since we opened, and we maintain close communication with them to ensure we order the best harvest for that time of year. We also work hard to avoid overfarming, so that we can always bring the same superior quality of kratom to our customers. 

Our kratom is treated as little as possible before arriving in our facility in Austin, Texas. This is where kratom is packed and made ready for our wonderful customers. Grassroots Harvest offers many strains and veins of kratom, so you can choose from a wide selection for wholesale purchasing. 



Nature should be handled with care, and so should kratom. That’s exactly what we at GRH do. 


Kratom or any other product for that matter should never contain microorganisms, pesticides, or other contaminants. We always make sure that the kratom you buy from us never contains any of these. As we said, cleanliness and purity really matter to us, so we do regular testing and keep our facilities clean! All our lab results are located directly under the products on our website.


Looking for the best customer service?


Nobody likes people that reply slowly! At Grassroots Harvest, we can guarantee that our customer service is unmatched. We’ve worked with quite a few wholesalers, so you can rest assured that your requests and wholesale orders will be handled in a proper and timely manner. Phone calls or emails that come in Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (CST) will be responded to same-day, unless there is a larger volume of calls that day.

Our Team

We’ve got a small and dedicated staff that’s focused on serving you & your kratom needs. Kemal Whyte, our founder/CEO, is passionate about kratom and alternative wellness in general, and has a wealth of experience surrounding it. 

Wholesale portal


We want to make buying kratom easier and more accessible to our customers. Because of that, we’re developing a brand-new wholesale online portal that will make the whole experience a breeze! Stay tuned…


Why choose Grassroots Harvest kratom?

Wondering why you should choose Grassroots Harvest to stock up your stores? It’s simple – we offer fresh & clean varieties of kratom available at a competitive and fair price, and our customer service is truly exceptional. We want you to experience GRH kratom in the best possible way! Buy wholesale kratom with GRH kratom today.

Learn how to get started at:!


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