How to Find the Best Kratom for Weight Loss

Using kratom as a supplement is becoming an increasingly popular use for this alkaloid-filled plant. Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree that is a part of the coffee family and found in Southeast Asia. Research has shown that kratom possesses opioid-like properties and stimulant-type effects on the human body.


What is the correlation between using kratom and working out? If you have had this question, you aren’t alone. Much like looking for the best CBD products on the market, finding the best kratom for weight loss requires a little bit of research.

kratom bodybuilding weightlifting tips

Why Use Kratom for Bodybuilding?

One of the unique properties of kratom is the ability to increase energy levels. Who doesn’t want more energy when they are working out or bodybuilding? Since many of the pre-workout supplements used by bodybuilders contain energy-boosting ingredients, it was only natural that exploration into kratom for bodybuilding would result.

There are some distinct properties of kratom that make it more popular among the fitness community. What are the reasons for using kratom for working out? 

Controlling Appetite

Kratom supplements can help curb the body’s appetite. This suppression allows you to feel less hungry, thus eating less overall. A suppressed appetite also helps maintain a strict diet, which can be difficult to maintain at times.

Boosting Energy

The most obvious reason for kratom to be popular among the fitness community is the ability to boost energy. The higher the energy, the higher the stamina. With higher stamina, a bodybuilder or fitness guru can workout longer without fatigue. The use of kratom for working out can also reduce the need for energy drinks, which makes people extremely jittery from the caffeine content.

Potential Relief from Discomfort

One of the more popular properties of using kratom is the potential for analgesic results. Strenuous workouts can leave the body sore and worn out. Taking a supplement that is made to help with the muscles and to reduce post-workout pain may help increase the success of the workout.

Which Strain is Best for Kratom and Exercise Routines

The kratom plant can be found in different strains. These strains are classified as red, green, and white. Each of these strains has its own unique properties, which is the reason it has become so popular. Red strains are associated with their potential analgesic and anti-anxiety properties. That is why when workouts strain the muscles, people may turn to a red strain kratom supplement.

For those who want to find a strain that balances out the activeness with focus, green strains of kratom offer the most benefit. This strain also offers a subtle sedative effect, which may allow for a restful night of sleep.

By far, the most promising kratom for working out is the white strain. Kratom with a white vein may increase energy levels and offer a stimulant effect in some. Who doesn’t want a little more energy to create a more efficient workout?

The most effective kratom for fitness purposes are:

  • Thai
  • Maeng Da
  • Malay
  • Borneo
  • Bali
  • Indo

The most popular for this purpose are Maeng Da and Thai strains.

Maeng Da Kratom and Exercise

Maeng Da kratom originates from Thailand is often chosen for the potent alkaloids found within this plant. These alkaloids are great for recharging the body. Most of the Maeng Da products are gold or white strain, and most people find that Maeng Da affects the mood and cognition. 

The benefits of using Maeng Da strains of kratom include:

Weight loss – the secret to using Maeng Da (the best kratom for weight loss) is the dosage. The right dosage with the right body can create an optimal metabolic response. As everyone knows, when the body’s metabolism is running efficiently, it is better for facilitating weight loss.

Increased energy – most people who choose to try Maeng Da strains of kratom find that their energy levels are almost immediately increased. Many of the problems people have with weight loss is finding the motivation and the energy to do it. Maeng Da may change that for kratom users.

The important thing to remember with a strain of kratom like this is to start gradually and increase to doses that you can tolerate. This method is like those used when starting any CBD products.

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Using the Thai Kratom Strain for Weight Loss

Thai kratom brings a different bodily response to the table for weight loss and kratom substances. Not only can you possibly see an increase in energy and stimulating effects, but Thai strains can also promote appetite suppression. For those who are adhering to a strict diet, the addition of the appetite suppressant can help to curb cravings that may cause problems for weight loss.

Kratom & Bodybuilding Last Thoughts

Kratom has become especially popular in bodybuilding and power-lifting circles, as well as other high intensity forms of exercise. That’s because kratom can naturally help boost focus and energy levels, potentially allowing you to hit new goals without taking synthetic supplements. Of course, be careful when trying a new supplement and working out- starting with small doses and working up from there to find your optimal pre and/or post workout kratom doses is what we recommend!

Special Considerations for Using Kratom Before Bodybuilding or Working Out

One of the biggest considerations to heed when determining if kratom has a place in your workout is how it might affect you. The FDA has not regulated kratom, nor have they regulated other products like CBD. If you are unsure whether kratom or CBD may benefit your health, you should start by speaking to a medical professional. 

When you understand the different strains of kratom, bodybuilding can be easier and more fulfilling. Learning which strains work best with your body, you will be able to determine if red, green, or white vein kratom is more beneficial for your weight loss.



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