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How To Make Kratom Tea

How To Make: Kratom Tea!

So many people drink coffee as their daily morning pick-me-up, but what if there was longer-lasting energy available that didn’t come with a caffeine crash? Lots of people love sleepytime tea for a relaxing way to prep for bed, but did you know some kratom strains can be used to make  Kratom tea is an all-natural energizing drink that’s easy to make, a perfect way to start off any busy day. Kratom tea can also be a pre-workout drink, as it provides all the energy you’d need for even the most intense workout routines.

Making Kratom Tea is Easy!

  1. Choose the kind of kratom you want to use
  2. Hot water + raw kratom powder
  3. Strain it!
  4. Flavor it (if you want)

What Kind of Kratom?

There are different kinds of kratom, and it’s important to use the right kind to ensure you get the results you want- to make energizing kratom tea, make sure you use a White Vein strain of kratom, like our Boost blend. Green Vein strains will work as well, like our Joy blend, and they will be less energizing and more mood-enhancing. If you’re looking to make a calming kratom tea, you’ll definitely want to go for a Red Vein kratom strain!

You Will Need:

A strainer, a coffee filter, or cheesecloth
Hot water

Kratom powder

1 lemon
honey, sugar, cinnamon, or anything else you want to flavour it with
*PRO TIP: It isn’t necessary, but a lot of people add lemon juice to their tea because the acidity is supposed to protect the potency of the kratom alkaloids. Plus, it tastes good!*


  1.  Measure out kratom
  2. Pour 8 oz. of hot water onto kratom
  3. Stir
  4. Place your strainer/filter over your mug, and slowly pour the kratom tea in. You should catch most of the powder to ensure your tea is clear and sediment-free. If needed, strain multiple times.
  5. Kratom tea has a fairly strong flavor, so we recommend adding honey or the sweetener of your choice.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy your kratom tea, and go about the rest of your day feeling energized and ready to go! It’s the perfect morning drink, or if you need a pick-me-up to finish whatever’s ahead of you.

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  • michael f jennings says:

    trying to influence congress on this. cannot find a way in on the internet.


    • Jasmin Weber says:

      Hi there, if you’re looking to support kratom & its continued legality in the U.S., one of the best things you can do is contact your Representative & voice your support. A quick google search should tell you who to contact and how! The American Kratom Association also has some great resources on kratom advocacy.

  • michael f jennings says:

    How much kratom?

    • Jasmin Weber says:

      That depends on your typical kratom dose- we’d start there. If you’re not sure what your normal kratom dose is, it’s safe to start with a teaspoon or two. 1 teaspoon = about 3g of kratom.

  • Chris says:

    Hi my name is Chris an I have been taking kratom for about three weeks now an just can’t find what I need out of it I have ordered from four different place an like today I took six grams an barely felt anything your help would be appreciated thank you

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