Experimenting with Chocolate? Kratom is a Great Addition

A store-bought box of chocolates is delicious, but let’s be honest: it can be a little underwhelming. After all, nothing says, “I remembered to grab a gift on the way over” like a standard box of mediocre chocolates. 

Why not give the delicious taste of chocolate with some serious thought behind it? How about a little flair of originality while you’re at it? If you want to give a thoughtful, creative gift of chocolate, kratom can take your mixture to the next level. And it turns out, it’s incredibly easy to make kratom chocolate.

Aside from the chocolate ingredients (which we’ll go over below), make sure you select the right kratom powder for the job. After all, even though adding it to homemade chocolate is one of the best ways to use kratom powder, choosing the wrong powder means whoever gets your chocolate may not enjoy their desired effects. 

But how do you choose the right kratom for your kratom chocolate? Let’s take a look at the three different veins of kratom below.

What Is Kratom Chocolate?

To understand Kratom chocolate, it is important to first learn about Kratom and chocolate. During processing, the cocoa butter gets removed from the cocoa beans. The remaining dried solids are crushed to form powder which is called cocoa powder. Whereas, Kratom is a tree whose leaves are used. 

Now coming towards, Kratom chocolate, it is the mixture of ground kratom powder with cocoa powder. It’s actually mixed to enhance the effects and taste of the kratom.

Kratom chocolate is when you mix Kratom and cocoa powder together. Combining both of these is a way many people enjoy Kratom because it alone has a bitter taste. The duo brings out the best in both. 

You can’t just sprinkle Mitragyna Speciosa powder over a piece of chocolate. Lucky for us, Kratom powder is blended well in liquid. That’s why we add it to melted chocolate and make our own Kratom chocolate. 

Mixing Kratom And Chocolate Together

It is doable because most people prefer Kratom and cocoa powder together. They usually love enjoying this duo in the form of shakes and smoothies. This helps mask the taste of Mitragyna Speciosa. Therefore, chocolate and Kratom make the best combo.

Is It Safe To Mix Kratom And Chocolate?

It is safe to mix Kratom and chocolate together. As we have already discussed, it is common for people to consume Kratom with anything sweet to avoid coming across its bitter flavor. Cocoa powder and Kratom are basically contradicting flavors, but they bring out the best in both. However, it is the dosage that we should be careful about. When making Kratom chocolate, start with small doses and increase gradually as needed. 

What’s In Your Chocolate: Kratom Effects You Need to Know

You’ll need to choose your kratom based on the effects you want from the chocolate. Kratom comes in three veins.

Red Kratom

Red kratom generally has sedative effects, especially when taken in high quantities. Red kratom chocolate would be the perfect bedtime treat for anyone looking to combat insomnia or alleviate the discomfort that stops them from falling asleep.

White Kratom

White kratom improves focus and mood, which makes it the perfect mid-morning snack to help you power through the day or an afternoon pick-me-up after lunch.

Green Kratom

Green kratom is something of a midway point between white and red kratom, which makes it a great all-around kratom. Not only does it help with focus and mood, but it also helps users to mellow out and relax.

Why Add Kratom to Chocolate

There are two main reasons why you would want to add kratom powder to your chocolate mixture.

  1. Both kratom and chocolate alkaloids impact the brain, so this combination creates a synergistic effect between the two. Kratom chocolate provides the feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine for a big mood boost day or night!
  2. Kratom has a pretty funky taste, and most people don’t enjoy it. Instead of forcing it down through the toss’n’wash method, one of the best ways to take kratom is by making kratom chocolate so that you can actually enjoy your kratom.

Kratom Chocolate Ingredients & Directions

Here is one of the best kratom recipes for chocolate, and a favorite over here at Grassroots Harvest.

Kratom Chocolate Supplies

  • Stove or hot plate 
  • Small saucepan
  • Mixing bowl
  • Silicone mold tray or confectionery tray
  • Spatula

Kratom Chocolate Ingredients

  • 2 cups dark or milk chocolate chips
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ⅓ – ½  cup sugar or sugar substitute
  • 45g kratom (we recommend RELAX)
  • Optional: 4-5 pumps Strawberry CBD 

Kratom Chocolate Directions

  1. In a small saucepan over medium-low heat, combine dark chocolate chips and coconut oil in the large mixing bowl.
  2. Stir often and allow the chocolate and coconut oil to melt. Be patient! Nothing spoils kratom chocolate like burning the chocolate chips at this stage.
  3. Once chocolate and coconut oil have completely melted and mixed, add in kratom powder and stir until all three ingredients are completely mixed.
  4. Remove from heat.
  5. Next, add the sugar or sugar substitute (we recommend Swerve), and stir until completely mixed in.
  6. Optional – if you’d like to add some strawberry flavor and the calming effects of CBD, now is the time to add your Strawberry CBD oil. Make sure to stir completely.
  7. Pour chocolate mixture slowly into a silicone mold or confectionery tray.
  8. Set silicone mold or confectionery tray in your fridge and let chocolates cool for 3-4 hours.
  9. Carefully remove chocolates from silicone mold or confectionery tray so as not to break them.
  10. Enjoy!

What Kratom Recipes I Can Try With Chocolate? 

There are many ways you can enjoy this combo. But why not turn it into something exceptionally delicious and mouthwatering? Let’s find out some of these easy methods. 

The Easiest Methods

  1. Smoothies

Make your own Kratom-chocolate smoothie by adding chopped fruits ( bananas or strawberry, whatever you prefer) into a blender and add some milk and chocolate (you can melt your chocolate or use cocoa powder). Finally, add in your Mitragyna Speciosa powder. Blend it all together and enjoy. The sweetness of the fruits can easily mask the taste of this substance. 

  1. Kratom Chocolate Milk

Nothing hits you like a cup of chocolate milk in the evening. Now, you can add your Kratom powder to your chocolate milk. Also, you can buy chocolate syrup or cocoa powder and low-fat milk and mix the two together. Add your Mitragyna Speciosa powder into that mixture, and there you have it. 

Something to keep in mind is that you should use dark chocolate with a low amount of sugar or chocolate milk with low sugar levels. It is said that the high amount of sugar can not mask the taste of this substance. 

  1. Kratom Chocolate Bar or Candies

One of the most creative ways to make Kratom-chocolate is to make it in the form of candies or your own bar. To make it, boil some water in a pan and set it aside. Take a bowl and put it over the pan of boiling water. This way, the bowl will get warm and make the process easier for you.

If you do it directly on the stove, the chances are you will burn the ingredients. Now, add a cube of butter or half a cup of coconut oil. Let it melt, then add 2 cups of cocoa powder and vanilla extract (if needed). Let it all mix well together as you stir it gently. Add your Kratom powder to the mixture, and then pour the mixture into your candy tray or silicone mould. Put it in the fridge for 3 hours and enjoy. 

Factors To Determine How Much Kratom Chocolate I Should Eat?

Many factors determine the amount one should consume of Kratom-chocolate. It is basically the amount of Mitragyna Speciosa we are questioning. There is no specific amount as we are all built differently. Let’s look at a few of those factors. 

Body Weight

People with a low percentage of fat in their body will get the desired results with even a small amount of Kratom. On the flip side, those with higher amounts of fat will have to get a little high dose to get the same results. That is why it is always better to start with small doses. 

Type Of Strain

There are different strains of Mitragyna Speciosa. Each strain is unique. Some are potent, and some are not as potent as others. However, the properties of all strains vary. 

Unique Body Chemistry

As we have discussed, each of us is built differently, with a different metabolic rate. Some might get the desired effect immediately after consumption, while for some, it might take longer. Therefore, it is important to consume in smaller doses.

Choose GRH’s Kratom For Your Kratom Chocolate

If you’re ready to get creative with your chocolate, kratom from Grassroots Harvest will be the perfect addition. You’ll be spoilt for choice since we have a wide range of premium strains available.

We form relationships with suppliers in-country to ensure ethical farming practices, transparent supply chains, and fairly paid farmers. The result? Pure, high-quality kratom that’s guaranteed to be safe. Grassroots Harvest carries a wide array of red, green, and white kratom strains that are perfect to add to any kratom chocolate. 

Ready to make your own sweet treat? Check out our wide range of kratom for sale.


Is Kratom Overdose Possible With Kratom Chocolate?

Yes, it is possible. Therefore, you should measure the Kratom dose when making this duo. 

How To Mix Kratom In Chocolate Milk?

Kratom dissolves better in the form of powder. You may mix its powdered form in cocoa powder milk. Any substance in powdered form blends well with the liquid. 


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