Is Kratom Good For Runners? Everything You Need To Know

As a runner, you might always be concerned about your health, fitness, and energy levels. Numerous athletes resort to different organic supplements for improving and maintaining their health. A good diet is as essential to good stamina as is regular exercise. If you are a runner looking for fresh and organic ways of boosting your performance. You are at the right place.

Many suggest kratom to be a natural way of achieving the right physique and optimum functional level. Today, several athlete trainers suggest it to their clients and have reported receiving positive reviews in return. So, if you are a fitness fanatic or a runner searching how kratom can be helpful for you or for runners. Continue to read this article.

What Problems Do Runners Have To Face?

If you take running more than just exercise, you need to take good care of your body. Runners often have to run miles, whether it’s a regular practice or a competition. This heavy exercise that builds their muscles breaks the body, too, in terms of fatigue.

There is much more than physical fitness that the runner has to focus on during competitions. That is why an athlete has to be both mentally and physically fit to stay in the game. Athletes that are unable to handle the stress often fail to succeed.

Those who continue to face injuries and severe discomfort often give up in the middle. Consistent muscle fatigue can lead to severe complications, draining energy, low stamina, and weakness.

How Does Kratom Help Runners Achieve Good Energy Levels?

New research published in the National Library of Medicine, the respondents identified increased energy or a boost after kratom intake. According to athletes who recently started taking kratom, the best thing about the herb is its natural ability to boost performance and functional ability.

According to a user on Reddit:

“I have been using kratom before my runs as I run quite a few marathons, and it has immensely helped, especially on my long runs! I don’t use it on every run, but a good green or white on longer ones really goes a long way with using a red post-run for recovery.”

Many reviews like these show kratom’s effectiveness in boosting energy levels and building stamina. According to many other athletes who take kratom, it helps them deal with quick exhaustion and helps them follow a strict workout routine.


Is Kratom Really An Excellent Post-Workout Supplement?

An ideal post-workout supplement should help you regain strength and prevent muscle fatigue and discomfort. Kratom has all these qualities backed by research published in the National Library of Medicine. Athletes often struggle with delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), making it challenging for them to achieve their true potential. 

According to several trainers that have suggested kratom to athletes, it has worked wonders for them when it comes to dealing with joint inflammation. It is because, according to research by Wiley Online Library on the pre-clinical studies on kratom, the herb has anti-inflammatory properties.

Consumers have also reported benefits like euphoria when used as a post-workout supplement. Also, according to seekers’ time, it helps heal swollen areas and provides a good night’s sleep. All these possible benefits account for kratom being an ideal supplement for runners.

But it is always advised to strictly follow dosage guidelines either by a medical practitioner or your vendor. 

What Is The Role Of Kratom In Strengthening Muscles?

Athletes have also shared positive remarks about the role of kratom in building muscles that greatly level up their game on the field. Runners have to cover long miles without taking a break and therefore need strengthened muscles.

During bodybuilding and running fast, our body uses anaerobic means of respiration which can lead to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles that causing discomfort and tautness in the muscles. 

Herbs to Reduce 1
Herbs to Reduce 1

Kratom helps in improving blood circulation by mechanisms still under research, but the overall effect that consumers have reported is in the form of less fatigue even after strenuous exercise. Therefore, it increases endurance and allows you to work on your muscles.

In addition to that, the overall improvement in blood circulation means good nutrition to the muscle cells, which means more strength.

What Is The Effect Of Kratom On The Immune System?

Our immune system keeps us safe from infections. A healthy immune system makes sure that all your vital organs work properly without any issues. It serves as a guard against foreign invaders and also degra kodes unnecessary metabolic wastes.

If any of these functions is disrupted, you catch a disease and fall ill. It is very important for a runner to stay fit. Even a small illness can cause bigger damage in terms of energy levels and optimum functions. In serious cases, one of your organs may malfunction, leading to complexities.

According to research conducted in 2009, kratom has antioxidants and antibacterial activity that supports the normal function of the immune system. Thus may kratom have your immune system’s back while it kills the infectious particles.

How Popular Is It?

Kratom has become increasingly popular in the last couple of years. With more and more consumers resorting to kratom for several benefits, its sales have skyrocketed.

According to the Bill of Health, around 10 to 15 million people in the US consume kratom. They also reported that In May 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration seized 37,500 tons of kratom in Florida, worth an estimated $1.3 million.

This indicates a huge rise in the sales of the herb over the past years. The most common forms are the powder and the capsules. In states where it is legal, you can easily find the herb in local gas stations, and smoke and vape stores. In addition to that, there are numerous online sellers offering the herb.

What Are Athletes’ Experiences With Kratom?

Several athletes and their trainers have spoken highly of kratom. An author at Mel magazine trialed kratom for three months, and then called it a “miracle drug for bodybuilders and addicts.”

In the same article, he also mentions Chris Bell, the man behind A Leaf of Faith kratom documentary as well as Bigger, Stronger, Faster, a documentary related to steroids and bodybuilding culture how he has been taking large doses of kratom and that has helped him deal with his discomfort.

The Mel author came to know about Bell’s case and all about his journey with kratom at the 2016 Olympia Fitness and Performance Expo.

In addition to Wiese and Bell, Brad Cattell, Jessamyn Duke, Caitlin Clelland, Mike “the Don” Bueno, Allison Warrell, Olivia Renee, and other athletes and fitness models have also been convinced by the benefits of kratom for fitness, workout routines, and sports.

In his article about the use of kratom by athletes, the fitness expert Anthony Roberts reports on various anecdotal accounts that athletes who have consumed the herb say it allows them to train longer and harder.

Is Kratom Legal For Athletes?

Kratom isn’t included in the list of prohibited substances by the United States Anti-Doping Agency which means it is legal for athletes. But due to a contentious legal status on the federal level and varying laws in different states, an athlete should ask the concerned department if he is to appear in any competition.

In addition to that as a runner, you need to be very particular and careful about your seller. In the case of consuming an adulterated product, there can be serious health concerns.

on top of all contaminated kratom products may contain substances that may appear on the drug test making the whole experience very embarrassing and problematic.

Is Kratom Allowed In Ultra Marathons?

For several years kratom was on the WADA Monitoring program, but as of 2018, it is no longer being monitored by WADA.

Many federations still do not allow the use of chemical drugs before marathons or other competitions. The consumption of any chemical or addictive drug prior to a match can result in a temporary or permanent ban. kratom, however, is an all-natural herb and pure kratom does not contain any synthetic substances. It does not show up on the 5 pane drug test.

Nevertheless, there are many concerns in case of buying from the wrong vendor or having an adulterated product the consumer may unknowingly consume synthetic chemicals. In addition to that due to its growing popularity, it’s hardly possible to track its sales putting a question mark on the quality of the products.

In many instances, kratom has been associated with containing heavy metals and salmonella species that can be very toxic. And there are instances where kratom contained synthetic additives that led to runners failing on the drug test.

There are no standard rules restricting the use of the herb before the marathons but neither is any legislation allowing it. Therefore in these cases, a participant athlete should always confirm the board before taking the herb. 

The Most Popular Kratom Strains For Runners

Kratom consumers are often very active on platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Facebook. They do not hesitate to share their experiences, good or bad. Many consumers also interact and talk about strains that have been most effective for them in any capacity.

Many runners and trainers who used kratom shared their experiences with different strains. Though it would be difficult to decide on the best strain, it is more appropriate to list the strains that most runners talked about. Here are some of them:

Bali Kratom

Bali kratom is known as the All-rounder strain by kratom aficionados. According to various consumers, the strain has been pretty effective in managing discomfort and giving a boost of energy.

The best thing about Bali, and the same reason why its consumers call it the All-rounder strain, is that it provides a balance of analgesic and energy-boosting action. That is why many runners like to have kratom made of Bali strain.

White Vein Indo

As the name suggests, the strain is indigenous to Indonesia and is exported worldwide from there. As a white vein, it has a proportionally greater quantity of mitragyna, which is why stimulating properties. Alleviating energy levels, the White Vein Indo is surely one of the most popular strains among runners.

White Malay

This white Vein kratom is grown in Malaysia and is more potent than many other white vein kratoms. Many consumers have resorted to White Malay for better stamina and energy levels. However, many consumers have shared that White Malay takes a little longer to kick, but the effects stay for longer.

White Or Green Maeng Da

In several polls on social media and when asked randomly which is the best strain for making kratom coffee or tea Maeng Da has various times outnumbered other strains. Consumers claim that Maeng Da strains, especially of white and green veins, have improved motivation and focus and boosted energy levels in smaller concentrations. That is why many athletes prefer Maeng Da over many other strains.

A Word Of Caution

Some kratom strains are very potent, and though becoming increasingly popular, it is still a contentious herb that is not studied completely. Therefore, it is very important to draw limits when it comes to doses. For beginners, it is always suggested to start with low doses and increase gradually if necessary.

Kratom overdosing is associated with many health complications, including cardiovascular toxicity, gastrointestinal distress, and liver damage. In addition to that, you should never use kratom along with any other medication such as narcotics. In case you are pregnant or have any illness, always consult your physician before taking kratom.

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Bottom Line

Physical fitness, mental well-being, good stamina, and good energy levels are all that make an athlete successful on the field. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to your diet and use herbal supplements like kratom if necessary.

Kratom has helped many runners achieve optimum performance, but not all of you might feel the same with kratom; therefore, it is always better to consult your trainers or physician before starting any herbal supplement.


FDA does not have a clear stance on the sale, distribution, and possession of kratom products. Therefore, if you are willing to consume it, the whole responsibility of maintaining safe limits lies on your shoulders.

That is why it is very important to choose reliable and consistent vendors that could provide primary assistance in the dosing and content of the product.

However, here too, the final call about the dose is of the consumer. Since there are no clear guidelines, consumers have to begin with the trial-and-error method until he/she feels the desirable effects.



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