Is Kratom Legal In Arizona State? Year 2023

It is common to worry about the legal status of kratom in any state. Due to different bills in different states, it can be quite confusing. Today if you are looking for kratom legality in Arizona, this article may prove very helpful.

So is kratom legal in Arizona? If out simply, it is legal as of now, and consumers can easily travel with or consume it. With around 7.1 million people and attracting an additional 44 million due to its tourist spots, it is no wonder that kratom is grand here and has always been.

However, there have been numerous efforts to ban the herb in the state. If you are interested in knowing further, continue reading. 

What Happened When Arizona Passed A Bill To Add Kratom To The Controlled Substance List?

The first intent to ban kratom surfaced in 2014 when the state officials in Arizona wanted to add synthetic substances to the control substance list. House bill 2453 defined the synthetic substances to be added to the list, and it also included Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which are the key components of kratom.

According to kratom supporters, kratom is a 100% natural plant, and naming its alkaloids in synthetic substances is a sheer misrepresentation of the herb.

They petitioned against the bill but couldn’t gather enough votes to unruled it. But they were able to convince the lawmakers to omit kratom alkaloids from the list.

Thus, the bill sponsors removed kratom from the list, and in this way, Arizona escaped a kratom ban.

How Did The Arizona House Bill 2561 Impact Kratom’s Legal Status In The State?

In 2019 Arizona considered regulating the herb in the state and thus passed the bill “Arizona House Bill 2561”. Gov. Doug Ducey signed the bill. He said:

“I signed this bill because it takes a small but important step of prohibiting the sale of kratom to minors, but let me be clear – my signature on this bill should not be viewed as an endorsement of its consumption by adults.”

The bill:

  • Demands that anyone who prepares, distributes, sells, or offers to sell kratom products should follow certain labeling requirements;
  •  Prohibits kratom vendors from selling products that contain any additives or any synthetic compounds or substances other than which are present in kratom naturally
  • Sets penalties for people that violate the Kratom Consumer Protection Act;
  • Require all vendors to register with the Department of Agriculture and Food of any kratom product offered for sale in this state;
  • Allows the Department of Agriculture and Food to define a fee and create necessary criteria for registering a kratom product;
  • Encourages the Department of Agriculture and Food to make rules and take necessary measures in order to administer and enforce the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

 The bill was passed and came into action in the state. 

Why Did Arizona Reconsider The Kratom Consumer Protection Act In 2021?

In 2021 Arizona presented a new bill AZ HB2651. The sponsor of the bill was Republican representative Leo Biasiucci, and it was, in fact, an amendment to the Arizona Kratom Consumer Protection Act 2019.

The purpose of the was to:

  • Advises reconsidering the commonly used term “dealer” in KCPAs to refer to kratom vendors, processors, and distributors and change it with a more appropriate term “retailer,”
  •  Prohibits the financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies from refusing or terminating the contracts of vendors that sell kratom,
  • Discourage state agencies to take any enforcement action, such as seizing kratom products, without the US DEA classifying kratom as a Schedule I drug.

Can You Buy Kratom With PayPal In Arizona?

Kratom is fairly popular in Arizona, and there has been a massive rise in sales.  Consumers now want kratom sellers to accept different payment methods such as PayPal. However, despite the increase in the hype and sales, most kratom vendors still do not accept PayPal or any credit card.

Kratom buyers consider PayPal a safe option for the transaction, and many kratom vendors have started accepting it. However, it is measure still to be adopted in the state. If Arizona vendors start accepting, buyers will be able to monitor their transactions 24/7. 

In addition to that, it is by far the quickest and safest way, and sellers can keep their sales private from banks or any third party. The best way to know if a vendor accepts PayPal is to check the website for logo, as the vendor directly buys when buying in-store, call the vendor, or directly search for vendors that accept PayPal in your area.

Is It Possible To Buy Good-Quality Kratom At Lower Prices?

Kratom is very expensive because it must be imported and processed before coming to the market. But there are some tips for kratom to save some bucks when buying the herb. 

First of all, sellers should always compare prices both online and in neighboring stores before making a purchase. In addition to that, shipping charges may also add to the total cost, and that is why one should always buy kratom from vendors that offer free shipping.

Another way to save some bucks is to buy in bulk. Many kratom vendors offer a discount when bought in bulk. In addition to that, you may also avail of sale offers and save money when various vendors offer Christmas and ester sales, etc.

Some strains are often more expensive than others because they are processed and prepared with difficulty. Therefore if you are low on the budget this season, look for strains that have similar effects but are available at lower prices.

What Are The Best Options For Buying Kratom In Arizona?

Since kratom is legal and regulated in Arizona, you may not have trouble finding it. Still, you should be very careful while making your choice, like in many states where you can buy online or from stores.

When buying online, you will have to see if tee vendors have been registered with AKA and also check its reviews. The best thing about online vendors is that they provide lab test reports that test every strain for any synthetic substances, infectious particles, and alkaloid content.

The prices online are also fairly cheaper and thus can bag a good deal at a much lower price than the physical stores. In addition to all this, online stores also offer more variety and have a number of options in capsules, tablets, and tinctures.

The Most Popular Online Kratom Vendors Are:

Gold Canyon Botanicals: located in Maricopa County, offer same-day delivery for the residents of the county.

Arizona Kratom: They are well known for their extensive stocks of Red, Green, Yellow, and White strains.  They offer more than 25 varieties of different strains when it comes to capsules.

Tucson Kratom: Also known by the name Tucson Incense. They also offer sample sizes you can test before buying bulk quantities. The 20-capsule sample pack only cost $4.95. consumers love the quality of their products.

Lively Mood Botanicals: It is located in Chandler, Arizona. All their products come with a third-party lab test report.

But for any other reasons if you still want to buy from stores. You can find the herb in tobacco and herb shops, vape stores, or gas stations. Surprisingly in Arizona, there are vending machines that also offer kratom.


Some major kratom stores in the state are:

In Phoenix: 

Bud’s Glass Joint

Herb N’ Legend

It’s All Goodz

In Tucson:

Arizona Kratom

Southwest Kratom

In Scottsdale:

Havana Leaf Smoke Vape & Cigar 

Hi-Life Smoke Shop

Trend Smoke & Vape

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, kratom is legal in Arizona and is also regulated. Since it is legal, you can easily find it in the state. Consumers can consume, possess, buy or sell it. It is also regulated, and KCPA ensures that only consistent and quality vendors operate in the market. The AKA also encourages other states to pass the bill and make kratom safe for even safer for the buyers.



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