Is Kratom legal in Georgia State? Year 2023

Georgia is a beautiful state in the USA with green mountains, beaches, and farmland. It has 10.5 million people and is a mainly agricultural state. It is the home of wine and has the nickname of the Peach State. People in Georgia are very interested in botanical and nootropic substances and continue to stay educated regarding the various botanical trends in the market.

Kratom had stringent drug laws in place for a long time. The authorities tend to remain on top of the botanical and nootropic trends to filter out any harmful substances that can harm the public.

When Kratom made its debut in the United States, the people of Georgia were eager to use it. However, if you are a citizen of Georgia looking to ensure whether or not Kratom use is legal in the state – this article has all you need to know about the legality of the substance in your state.

The Current Legal Status

Kratom is a leaf of the coffee family and it has been associated with pain relief, anxiety alleviation, and other health benefits. It is imported mostly from the Southeast Asian countries of the world and is sold in the form of powders, capsules, and tinctures in various shops and online stores all over the United States.

There are no federal laws in place that ban the use of Kratom. However, every state has the freedom to devise its regulations when it comes to the use of Kratom.

In Georgia, Kratom is currently completely legal if you are 18 or above that age. Specific regulations are still in place, but the substance is legal in broad terms.

Apart from the age regulation, the state of Georgia has declared it imperative that Kratom products are appropriately labeled and include disclaimers, alkaloid concentrations, and ingredients of the product mentioned. This factor takes away significant risks and ensures that the products consumers are buying are strictly Mitragyna.

Kratom Setting Its Roots In Georgia

With no federal regulations in place, state laws were the only regulatory procedures set in place when it came to Kratom. In Georgia, a medical examiner declared that Kratom use had caused 11 deaths in the state.

The medical examiner also urged the authorities to take stricter action. This statement was gravely taken by the FDA and other authorities and a warning regarding Kratom use was issued just a day later.

Furthermore, the Senate of Georgia reviewed a bill that declared Kratom use and marketing illegal in the entire state. This bill was seriously being considered by the senate and it declared the buying, selling, use, and possession of Kratom illegal in the entire state.


The Battle For Legality

The review of the bill was not taken positively by the general public. Until this time, Kratom had accumulated a loyal fan following in Georgia, and people were coming forward with their positive testimonials regarding the substance.

There were numerous text and video messages shared with the Senate in which the public of Georgia urged the government to keep Kratom from being banned statewide.

Furthermore, the public outcry resulted in some physical protests as well. A significant number of people were swearing for the efficacy and safety of Kratom. Moreover, reports regarding ability the wellness and ability to better the living standard of the users.

Moreover, the deaths reported by the medical examiner also had nuances that the examiner previously ignored. Nine out of the eleven people who had died had other substances other than Kratom in their bloodstreams, resulting in their deaths.

As the data was inconclusive, a former chemist also came forward to support the idea that it cannot be sure that Kratom caused these deaths. Several other substances in play could have caused the deaths instead.

Moreover, many people in Georgia at the time were using Kratom to overcome their opioid addictions. Opioid addicts are much more liable to risks as compared to ordinary people.

These factors, along with the public outcry to keep Kratom legal, influenced the Senate of Georgia to rethink its decision to ban the substance nationwide. After the massive public outcry all over social media, the focus shifted to regulating Kratom rather than outrightly prohibiting the substance from the authorities.

The unregulated status of Kratom involved several risks, and the authorities focused on eliminating all of these risks to prioritize public safety. This phase is where the Kratom Consumer Protection Act came in.

The Role Of The KCPA In Georgia

The authorities devised The Kratom Consumer Protection Act at this point. The purpose was to ensure that Kratom sales are regulated, and the consumers of the substance are protected against contaminants or harmful substances.

The American Kratom Associated (AKA) and its advocates believe that this act is the way forward in all of the states when it comes to Kratom. Before the KCPA, there were no regulations regarding Kratom labeling, buying, selling, and manufacturing in various states.

This status confused the public and enabled scammers and poor vendors to sell adulterated and contaminated products.

The AKA and Botanical Education Alliance (BEA) came together to devise various postulated of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act and then presented it to multiple lawmakers to better the state of affairs regarding Kratom safety.

After deciding not to ban Kratom in Georgia, lawmakers passed a bill in April 2019. This bill was a slightly revised version of the KCPA, and it declared Kratom legal. However, specific regulations were in place, which included:

  • The substance can only be possessed and used by people 18 or above that age.
  • All Kratom products would come with a label that depicted the age limit, ingredients, and the alkaloid content of the product advertised and marketed.
  • It was strictly illegal to transfer Kratom to minors, and the act would be penalized accordingly.

These rules, along with others in the KCPA, were implemented throughout Georgia. This act appeased the general public while keeping the health and safety of the state’s population as the top priority. If anyone went against the regulations, penalization in fines and/or jail time would occur.

The Public Opinion In Georgia

In the botanical and nootropic industry, there is hardly anything more important than public opinion. It is vital to have a positive outlook on Kratom in public for other users to be interested in trying the substance out.

The general public opinion in Georgia when it comes to Kratom is positive. Many shops are selling the substance over counter, but several online shops are operating out of the state as well.

The regulations set in place by the Georgia senate are also a factor that plays a part in maintaining the positive outlook of Kratom. People feel safe knowing that the products they use are transparent and honest.

The KCPA further enables the general public not to be cynical and show little scrutiny when purchasing a Mitragyna product.

This trust developed between the government and the public of Georgia has played in favor of Kratom. The substance is not only trusted to be safe by public in-state but is also widely used and purchased.

Kratom Travel Regulations In Georgia

Within the state lines of Georgia, there are no regulations when it comes to traveling with Kratom as long as you are within the legal age limit and carrying a legal product.

However, it is essential to read legal status of Kratom in various states while traveling from Georgia to different states.

Staying one step ahead and keeping yourself educated is an essential facet of Kratom use which can save more users.

Where Can You Find Kratom In Georgia

Several excellent online Kratom shops are delivering to Georgia. However, if you are someone who prefers to shop offline – you can find Kratom in the following shops in Georgia:

  1.     Trenton Tobacco, Beer, Vape, and Kratom:

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  1.     Augusta Kratom:

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These are some fantastic options you can go for while making your purchase.

Final Verdict

The state of Georgia has done brilliantly when it comes to Kratom. There are regulations in place to minimize any risks involved. Furthermore, the public follows these guidelines while enjoying Kratom as well. A person who lives in Georgia and is worried about legality, you don’t need to worry until you follow rules. 



There are no dosage guidelines in place when it comes to Kratom. Avoid using the substance without visiting a physician or healthcare professional.


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