Is Kratom Legal In Michigan State? Year 2023

The legal journey of kratom in Michigan has seen many leaps and bounds. It faced many bills attempting to ban or classify it, but kratom advocates resisted any of these steps. If you are wondering about the current legal status of kratom in Michigan state you are at the right place.

This article will address all your queries about “Is kratom legal in Michigan state” and covers the whole of its legal journey in the state. Despite many efforts to ban the herb, it is still legal and widely available to consumers in the land of 11000 Lakes.

In fact, according to consumers, there are many kratom shops in Michigan and you can even find kratom in even small gas stations in Detroit called the Motor City. However, in the case of substances that have been a problem for the FDA, anything can be expected. Therefore, a consumer should stay in touch with the state policies to play. Here is all you need to know about the legality of kratom in Michigan.

Efforts To Add Kratom To Michigan Controlled Substances Act

The kratom legal journey began in 2014 when lawmakers passed a bill (state bill HB5707) to add kratom in the Michigan Controlled Substances Act. According to them, kratom should be placed in the schedule V list. In the light of the bill, the lawmakers tried to amend the substance V list to make space for the South Asian Herb. To those who don’t know what class V substances are, these are drugs used for therapeutic purpose but has mild abuse potential. The most common drugs you may see in this category are codeine, ephedrine, etc.

mon drugs you may see in this category are codeine, ephedrine, etc.

According to pro-kratom representatives kratom, it is unfair to make such an amendment as kratom in no way belongs to this category. The proponents presented their case in the light of the Kratom 8-Factor Analysis from 2017, which states that kratom exposure can cause low respiratory depression but not death.

They also said that kratom is not a drug but similar to coffee because both come from the same family called Rubiaceae. So, it may be as harmful as coffee. So, the chances of being a kratom addict are pretty similar to the odds of becoming a coffee addict, i.e., not that high. Even the FDA has reconsidered its language in the past years from referring to it as an addictive substance to “having some addictive-substance-like properties.”

The Response Of Kratom Activists Against The Efforts To Classify Kratom

Through all this time, the efforts of kratom enthusiasts are worth appreciating. When the senate presented the motion to classify kratom as a class V substance, around 17000 people presented a petition against it. Their main aim was to keep kratom legal and the kratom market thriving in the state. Rightly taking notice of the massive support in favor of the herb, the bill failed to pass in the Health Policy Committee.

This brings to light that kratom supporters and advocates have a lot to add to kratom’s legal status in a state. And this is not only true for Michigan, but in many states, kratom enthusiasts have failed various bills against the herb. Several pro-kratom representations, such as the American Kratom Association, have played a vital role in keeping all the proponents on a single forum. They have also presented solutions to make kratom as safe as possible and have projected a positive image of the herb throughout America and outside. 

The legal status of kratom in Michigan is still unclear, Read further to find the answer to “is kratom illegal in Michigan anywhere?”

Further Efforts To Ban Kratom In Michigan State

The legal struggle of kratom did not just end with a single bill. The sponsors of bill HB5707 presented another statement as bill HB5736. The bill prohibits kratom sales to minors along with penalties in case of non-compliance. This was an amendment to 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.1 – 750.568) by adding a new section 141b.

This bill died too in Criminal Justice Committee. Consequently, kratom remained legal, but the problem was that it was unregulated. There were still chances of finding adulterated and substandard products. 

In August 2019, a medic Republican Senator presented another bill (Senate bill 0433) intended to place kratom on the list of Schedule II drugs. This means everyone willing to buy kratom would need a doctor’s prescription. Schedule II drugs are even more unmatched to kratom than the class V substances. Class II consists of highly abusive substances such as cocaine, morphine, methamphetamine, medical marijuana, and many others like these.

The senator presented the bill based on the hypothesis that kratom is addictive and thus can be dangerous. However, the bill failed to pass and met the same fate as many others. Meanwhile, UF College of Pharmacy started working on providing proof of the advantageous properties of kratom through various research. It is imperative to find science-based facts on kratom to provide a clear picture of its effects on the body. In addition to that, the non-biased information will also help the medical professional not to fall astray when deciding on the herb’s efficacy. 

The Real-Life Experience Of A Michigan Graphic Artist

Recently many individuals have come up to share their experiences with kratom. Among the many individuals is Trish Richards, a Michigan graphic artist age 37. Trish met a car crash in which his collarbone and ribs were badly affected. The artist had to take highly addictive analgesic drugs to deal with the ever-increasing pain. Though painkillers help manage the pain, they cause dependence and addiction.

18 months later, when Richard’s doctors advised her to stop taking them, she could not do so due to her physiological and psychological dependence. In her words, she was “hopelessly addicted.”

She Described Her Condition As:

“I was depressed, couldn’t sleep, and never felt anything like it. I started buying Oxies, Vicodin, Percocet, whatever I could find” from street dealers.

She also explained that in her view, most of the pills were fake, and others contained fentanyl. In March, she came across kratom through the reference of a friend, and she describes her experience as “it was a miracle,” reinforcing her statement she added:

“It helped with my pain and withdrawal. I haven’t taken a painkiller since.”

The incident of Richard and a thousand others have forced Michigan state officials to look at the herb from a broader perspective. They are thinking of regulating the herb under the Kratom Consumer Protection Act rather than banning it. They believe that regulating the herb will curb a lot of dangers that come along with unregulated sales and possession. The KCPA looks forward to providing a midway between open sales and adulterated products. It requires the vendors to label the products, screen the ingredients, and set minimum age limits for the consumers.

so that you have the answer to the question “is kratom legal in michigan” let us move forward to:


What Should You Look For In Your Buyer Before Buying Kratom?

If you are looking to buy kratom in Michigan, you will have to be a little critical about your purchase.

In order to buy kratom in Michigan that is the best in quality, your vendor should meet certain standards. Some of the important are listed below:

Certification From American Kratom Association

The fact that AKA issues certification to only credible vendors after a high level of scrutiny makes AKA-certified vendors a lot trustable. In order to get this certification, a vendor has to follow all the clauses of the KCPA. The vendors need to submit product samples in the annual audits in which they are evaluated by third-party labs. The AKA renews the certification only if the results meet their standards. Therefore, the next time you buy kratom, buy it from an AKA-certified vendor.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews say a lot about the quality of products, the company’s reputation, customer support, consistency, and accuracy of product descriptions. Whenever buying online, always check these reviews. Always go to those kratom vendors in michigan with a minimum of 4 stars and otherwise 5 stars.

Online Vs Local Vendors

Most consumers prefer to buy online because online prices are fairly cheaper. Locally you can find kratom in gas stations, smoke shops, and vape stores. The dilemma of most local sellers is that they have old products waiting on the shelves losing their effectiveness until some layman buys them. On the other hand, in the case of online shopping, you get lab test reports stating in detail the ingredients and expiry dates. In addition to that, you see more variety of products in online shops than in local shops.


So the answer to the question is Kratom is legal in Michigan state is yes, though state officials have tried to ban it on various occasions. The state is now moving towards a more constructive view in adopting KCPA to regulate kratom. As a consumer, you must stay in touch with the new state policies and kratom laws in Michigan in order to avoid any problems. When buying kratom, ensure that the vendors are trustworthy and reliable through customer reviews and reputation to get the best quality products.

Disclaimer: This article in no way advertises the use of kratom. All the information gathered here is from anecdotal research. FDA does not regulate kratom, and thus every state has its own rules and regulations that a consumer should abide by.




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