Is Kratom Legal In Montgomery? Year 2023

Kratom is a popular but contentious herb. There are many concerns over its legality in many states and cities. Due to an ambiguous federal legal status, every city and county has its own rules regarding the herb. While a handful of states have banned it, many give the herb’s consumers a freewill to sell, buy, manufacture and consume the plant.

Kratom legality in Montgomery, Alabama, is among the topics of hot debate in the kratom community. Many citizens are concerned about “is kratom legal in Montgomery.” But as the city has criminalized the herb, you face a lot of trouble finding it in Montgomery. 

There have been many efforts to reverse the ban, and many new things have come to the surface. All those who want to consume the plant on the premises of Montgomery city and want to know if kratom is for sale in Montgomery should continue reading.

When Did Montgomery Ban Kratom?

In 2016 the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) made It clear that they are thinking of scheduling kratom on a federal level. However, they could not document or pass it as a bill due to great support from the kratom proponents. But this step showed the intent of federal authorities on the legal status of Kratom.

During this time, many cities and states wrongly believed that a federal kratom ban was imminent, so they illegalized the herb. Though the herb remained legal federally, it was banned in almost six states and several cities, including Montgomery, Alabama.

The Alabama Senate added Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the two most abundant alkaloids in kratom powder, to the list of scheduled substances. The authorities gave 24-48 hours to different drug stores and pharmacies to eliminate any kratom products. Law enforcement was also informed and ordered to notify other departments and agencies about the new law. After the fixed time, any person found with any amount of Kratom would have to pay a fine or be sent to jail. 

Kratom enthusiasts criticized the placement of the herb’s alkaloid along with synthetic substances. They argued that Kratom is an organic product and is in no way related to other substances of the schedule I drugs.

Kratom activists submitted a petition urging the authorities to vote against the ban the same year. In addition to that, they were also repealed in 2017. Unfortunately, none of them could take a practical form.

However, later there were several kratom arrests in Alabama due to violating the bill.


Why Did Montgomery, Alabama Ban Kratom? 

According to Montgomery city officials, they banned the herb over concerns of addiction. According to them, they made the over-the-counter substance illegal because it is as dangerous as narcotics.

In a release from Tuscaloosa Police, they said that the drug is not only addictive but there are several incidents where it has been adulterated and led to many deaths.

The opponents of Senate Bill 226 that put Kratom on the scheduled substance list said that Kratom could only harm if it is not used sensibly. Responsible kratom users do not recommend mixing it with any synthetic substance or supporting its consumption by users below the age of 18. Therefore, rather than banning the herb, the authorities should regulate its consumption, sales, and production.

The American Kratom Association is working tirelessly to regulate the herb throughout America. Their efforts have borne fruit in many states, and others are seriously thinking about their propositions. They want to regulate sales and purchases of Kratom through the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. By putting this act into place, they want to make Kratom safer for consumers and pacify lawmakers’ concerns about it.

However, its efforts in Alabama haven’t worked out, so if you search “is kratom legal in Montgomery Alabama 2023,” You still find it illegal.

What Is The Penalty For Selling Kratom In Montgomery?

After knowing the answer to “is kratom legal in Montgomery al,” it’s important to know the penalty in case of city and state law violation.

kratom new fresh
kratom new fresh

Though Kratom itself is not on the substance control list, two of its most important alkaloids, including mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, are on the list. Thus, consuming Kratom is punished with the same penalty as the other substances such as fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin on the list. According to the bill, all the substances on the list have no medical use and high abuse potential. According to kratom activists, this is not true for the plant.

In compliance with the state and city law, ownership of Kratom for personal use is a Class C felony in Alabama. If someone is found to own the herb, he would have to face:

  • One to ten years in prison, and
  • A fine of up to $15,000.

Penalties are even severe for repeat offenders. In this case, they will face:

  • Two to twenty years in prison, and
  • A fine of up to $30,000.

The law also restricts the sale of the herb, and there are even harder penalties for those who try to do so in the state.

Are these charges limited to locals? No, they are not. You will also face these actions if caught with Kratom while traveling to or through the city. Therefore, you may have to face complications if you don’t know city or state kratom laws. 

The same happened with a man who was arrested for possessing Kratom. He had purchased the products in Louisiana and was transporting them to Florida. He was arrested in Alabama for trafficking an illegal substance because he did not know the state laws.

However, its efforts in Alabama haven’t worked out, so if you search “is kratom legal in Montgomery Alabama 2023,” You still find it illegal.

Has The American Kratom Association (AKA) Tried To Reverse The Ban?

The American Kratom Association has been very active in Montgomery as it has been in various other cities to reverse the ban. They use the money donated to them by various kratom enthusiasts to use resources to promote the kratom Consumer Protection act. 

The organization has also tried to convince the lawmakers in Montgomery to lift the ban and think of regulating the herb without any positive outcome. Though there have been talks of reconsidering the legal status of the herb under the table, there haven’t been any legal actions.

 So is it possible to find kratom for sale in Montgomery? Read further to find out.

Can You Find Kratom In Montgomery, Alabama?

There are two ways of obtaining the plant in any state or city from local shops or online vendors.

Unfortunately, since Kratom is banned in Montgomery, Alabama, there are no legal ways to obtain it here. So, for all those asking, “Is kratom legal in Montgomery for sale” the answer is a disappointing “No.” Due to the sanctions, there are no local stores in the vicinity. In addition, no online vendor delivers in a state where the herb is criminalized.

Though many sellers operate illegally, they cannot be trusted, and it may land you in big trouble if you are caught buying from them. It will also negatively affect the reputation of Kratom in the US. The media especially uses these incidents to portray a bad picture of the herb.

The only way to obtain the herb is to move out of the city and preferably the state.


Bottom Line

Kratom is not legal in Montgomery, Alabama. This means you can not acquire, sell, or manufacture the herb in the city. You will have to face serious legal actions if you are caught possessing the herb, or even if you are traveling to or through the city, avoid carrying the herb along. If you still want to consume the herb, you may have to settle in a state where it is legal.

However, nothing can be said about the future. As the AKA is working to reverse the ban, we can expect anything to happen. The best thing for the consumers is to stay updated. you can read informative blogs regarding legality maps or stay tuned to related news.



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