Is Kratom Legal In Tallahassee

As the state capital of Florida, Tallahassee serves as a light of historical relevance. But apart from its geographical importance, Tallahassee, otherwise known as T-Town, has become a popular spot for Kratom enthusiasts. They enjoy its wealth of headshops, convenience stores, and cool hangouts.

Many reliable vendors have maintained a good market for the herb in the city. Still, before buying, one should know everything about the legal status of the herb. For that, you may have to know the past and present legislation and other restrictions such as the age limits.

What Did Tallahassee Laws Say About Kratom?

Tallahassee now has laws that ban Kratom, so according to the laws, it is legal but unregulated in the city. Kratom has been legal in the city despite the ban in Sarasota County in 2014. The ban took place when the county officials decided to illegalize designer drugs.

 According to the bill, if you are found selling, purchasing, or possessing Kratom, you would be charged with an amount of 500$ and/or up to 60 days in jail. Though the ban is wholly based on wrong facts, it hasn’t been reversed to date. According to the bill’s statement, Kratom is a synthetic substance, whereas, in reality, that herb is purely a natural product.

Then in 2017, two different bills again came to light in the senate and National Assembly. Both these bills stated that the properties of the alkaloids within Kratom are very similar to the scheduled controlled substances regulated by the DEA.

An investigation committee was set up to discover the truth behind these claims. However, they did not discover enough evidence to proceed, and both bills died.

Later in 2019, there was another effort to ban the herb, but it went in vain when more than 19 people recorded their testimony in favor of the herb.

In 2020 there was no activity regarding banning or restricting the use of the herb, mainly because of Covid-19. In 2021 however, we again saw a movement, but this time the officials thought of regulating the herb throughout Florida. That is why Democrat senator Bobby Powell presented a bill to regulate Kratom under the Florida Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA).

Nevertheless, the bill didn’t pass, and Kratom remained unregulated in Tallahassee and all other Florida cities and counties. 

Once again, in 2022, the lawmakers showed interest in regulating this South Asian plant, and Republican senator Joe Gruters who represents Sarasota County sponsored a bill. The bill is yet to be implemented. If it successfully passes, then the legal status of Kratom in Tallahassee will change to legal and regulated.


Is It Easy To Find Kratom Here?

One thing we know about Tallahassee is that it is full of Kratom vendors. It is because the herb is prevalent in the area. So yes, it is very easy to find Kratom here.

As the herb is legal, consumers feel no shame in having the herb openly. In fact, there are more than 50 stores that stock Kratom in this area. This includes gas stations, novelty shops, convenience stores, and smoke shops.

However, due to high demand, vendors ask for unfair prices and, according to some sources, even fourfold prices compared to online vendors.

Their quality is also questionable since they don’t discard older stocks. Even worse, many Kratom brands sold in smoke shops lack proper labeling and dosage suggestions. So, if you are buying locally, you will have to be very critical about choosing the right vendor.

Do All Areas In Tallahassee Legalize Kratom?

At the time of writing, Kratom is legal in entire Tallahassee, in fact, in the whole of Florida except for Sarasota County, which includes cities like;

  • Englewood
  • Laurel
  • Nokomis
  • North Port
  • Osprey
  • Sarasota
  • Venice

It has been legal in Tallahassee from the beginning. Still, due to its controversial nature, it Is challenging to predict its future. Keeping in view the recent efforts to regulate the herb, we are hopeful there will be no further steps on banning the herb. But we can say nothing with surety at this point.

What Things Should You Keep In Mind Before Buying Kratom In Tallahassee?

When buying from any vendor in the city, you should make sure that it is a reliable vendor who has consistently provided quality products. When buying from physical stores, the price may fluctuate a lot. Therefore a consumer should always compare the prices of different vendors.

You should also ensure that you do not buy any product without a label of ingredients and date of expiry. Some vendors often sell adulterated and old products that never produce expected results.

Unfortunately, some shady businesses and their equally sleazy associates don’t care about selling quality products. Moreover, they don’t worry about labeling or personal obligation; therefore, you should be very careful.

kratom leaf- is kratom legal in Tallahassee-read on grh kratom

Or you can avoid this hassle and buy online. By buying online, you will surely be able to save some bucks. Moreover, online vendors take great pain in providing only quality products. You can check customer reviews and get the products delivered to your doorsteps.

They also offer money-back guarantees, lab results, coupon codes, and free samples. Moreover, online vendors respect your privacy by providing privacy-conscious payment options. Many vendors also accept crypto coins as payment. So basically, you can have your way regarding payment and the variety of products.

What Are The Top 5 Vendors In Tallahassee For Buying Kratom?

Though not recommended by many, buying offline is an option. So we have made a list of vendors in Tallahassee that have been performing well. All these vendors have both a physical and an e-commerce website, which is why they deliver some quality products.

1. A1 Smoke Shop

Google Rating: 4.7 Stars

A1 Smoke Shop sells lab-tested and quality products. They have many strains, including Green Malaysian and Red Maeng Da, to name a few. You can visit the store at 2418 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303, US. You can also get in contact via their Facebook page.

2. Natural Life CBD Kratom Kava

Google Rating: 4.8 Stars

They offer a wide collection of different Kratom strains, such as Red Bali and Green Indo. Their store is at 2101-3 W Pensacola St, Tallahassee, FL 32304. You can also visit their website;

3. Xtreme Gift Shop And Smoke Shop

Google Rating: 4.7 Stars

Though they are not a dedicated Kratom seller and sell many other products, they still provide quality products. Their store is at 2695 Capital Cir NE #3, Tallahassee, FL 32308.

4. Puff 4 Less

Google Rating: 4.7 Stars

They sell high-quality and fresh Kratom products and accessories such as e-juice, glass, and vapes. If you are near 2504 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee, FL 32304, make sure to give them a visit or check their website at

5. 18 Plus Smoke Shop

Google Rating: 4.7 Stars

They are dedicated to selling pure Kratom. In addition to that, they have a well-informed and cordial staff. Their store resides at 2320 Apalachee Pkwy unit h, Tallahassee, FL 32301.


Bottom Line

Kratom is legal but unregulated in Tallahassee city. When buying the herb, no matter who you end up buying from, make sure you have done your research. In addition, it is your right to ask your seller questions before handing over your hard-earned money. As you know, the FDA does not regulate Kratom, so all responsibility for consuming the herb lies on your shoulders, so make an intelligent choice.



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