Is Kratom Legal in Utah State? Year 2023

Is Kratom legal in Utah?

At the time of writing, Kratom is legal to buy, possess and sell in Utah. Although the state has attempted to ban the supplement in the past, the community was able to rally and repel those attempts. Thus, keeping the supplement legal in the state. Currently, Kratom has no regulation on a federal level. That means each state has the ability to regulate the supplement as best as they can. 


This has caused states to fall into either of the following categories. The first category is states that have chosen to outrightly ban the supplement. Some states that fall into this category include – Indiana, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Vermont. The next category of states are those states who made Kratom legal but there are still counties and regions within its borders that have banned its use. A good example is Florida and Sarasota County. 

Finally, the states that have kept Kratom legal and unclassified allowing its citizens unfettered access to the supplement. Utah is one of those cities and the supplement is available within all its major cities including Salt Lake City, Park City, St. George, Ogden, and Provo.

Legalities Of Kratom In Utah

A bill was introduced in 2017 with the aim of amending the controlled substance list within the state. Within the original copy, Kratom listing was alongside other dangerous drugs. Thankfully, the supplement was removed from the bill before it made its way to the committee. 

In 2019, state lawmakers prepared a bill that was going to regulate the industry. The bill would’ve been to ensure only the purest forms of Kratom made its way to market protecting members of Kratom community. The bill also contained provisions that ensured that vendors were mandated to properly label their products before they could sell them. Other adulterated, synthetic, or contaminated forms of Kratom would be deemed as illegal.

Those who supported the bill did so with the realization of the need for Kratom in their state. The 2018 Kratom Salmonella outbreak was also a reference as a reason for the bill. With proper regulation, they argued that such an outbreak would not occur again. 

Can I Use Kratom in Utah?

Yes! Thanks to the legality of kratom in Utah, it is free for use and purchase throughout the state. Most places that sell kratom in Utah will not sell it to people under the age of 18 years old.

Celebrating the First State to Regulate Kratom

Utah holds the great honor of being the first state to take the right steps to properly regulate Kratom. This is because on the 26th of March 2019 the state senate passed the bill that would make this happen. This bill becomes the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) and means to protect the interest of Kratom users while holding vendors accountable. The bill mandates the following for vendors.

  • adequately lab-test their products for purity and alkaloid content,
  • label their kratom products and disclose product origin, ingredients, and alkaloid content,
  • prohibit sales of kratom products that contain contaminants, adulterants, illegal substances, or other pathogens,
  • destroy any impure products,
  • not sell kratom to individuals under 21,
  • face fines or jail time if they do not comply with the regulations.

An additional bill came about in March 2020 that mandated a $200 fee on kratom vendors looking to register their products, alongside a $40 processing fee. This bill helped regulate the industry as well as weed out vendors who were not serious about offering quality kratom.

Kratom is extremely popular in the state, and this is why lawmakers took the extra steps to secure the future of the supplement in the state. Kratom is available in a wide variety of shops in the state, including vape shops, smoke shops, and specialty shops.

We hope you are able to understand more about if kratom is legal in Utah because of this blog! Check out another blog on kratom legality in 2023 here. 



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