Mixing Kratom And Alcohol: All You Need To Know

Most people usually buy kratom as a helpful remedy for a hangover. Both kratom and alcohol are legal substances in the United States, except for six states where kratom is banned. Thus, kratom is available readily and is mixed with alcohol by various users. Naturally, you might have questions about whether it is safe mixing them or not. There are no clear answers to this. Some people claim that it works out just fine.

So, is mixing kratom and alcohol safe? Let’s take a detailed look. 

Kratom And Alcohol: An Under-Researched Combination

Sadly, there is not a lot of research that can share definitive light on this. Many people use kratom as a regular part of their daily routines. Some people eventually combine it with alcohol, even without thinking about if there are any dangers of mixing these two. There is no substantial clinical data available on the dangers of kratom with alcohol.

Throughout the United States, the usage of kratom is abundant. The available research for these two substances mainly discusses how to use kratom as a kratom hangover cure. It is considered to be an aid for reducing the craving for alcohol. How kratom helps people cope with alcohol cravings, even that is not known clearly.

A study conducted in 2019 discussed that there are potential benefits of using kratom to reduce alcohol dependency. But it might not be totally safe.

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What Are The Effects?

Many kratom users say that they combine a small dose of kratom and alcohol. So far, the responses of people are mixed. There is no consistency in how it reacts with people. Some people who claim to use it responsibly don’t see any meaningful side effects that could shed light on the negative or positive effects. 

However, some users have claimed that even when they have consumed very small doses of kratom and beer or other alcohol, it made them feel the effects of alcohol much more intensely.

Some people consider this beneficial because they enjoy the intensified effect of alcohol with kratom. This way, they can reduce their alcohol consumption and still leverage the feeling. However, a high dose of these two can have some adverse side effects in the short term. 

Some people have experienced that since kratom might increase alcohol effects when consumed adequately, they experience headaches, nausea, gastrointestinal pain, and other symptoms.

What Are The Risks?

Effects Are Too Strong

Some users have noticed that they get an overdose like effect when they are mixing kratom and alcohol. Kratom intensifies the effect of alcohol, which causes a short term reaction, increasing the effects of the alcoholic beverages they are consuming. Although some claim that these effects are minor, it is still very apparent that some people suffer from nausea and other issues.

It could also alter the person’s perception and cause loss of muscle control or coordination. Alcohol itself harms the liver, so users who frequently mix these two might experience serious side effects like liver damage or stomach issues.


The quality of kratom and alcohol also matters. Users recommend buying kratom only from verified sources; otherwise, contaminants could cause other side effects unrelated to kratom’s effects. 


Most studies by scientists conclude that mixing any stimulants with alcohol is not a great idea. Alcohol has a depressant effect, and it could nullify the stimulant effects of kratom. This could lead to the person using even more kratom to intensify the effects. When they are using very high doses of kratom, the depressant effects will dominate, which could lead to a dangerous situation. This goes for kratom and different kinds of alcohol, like kratom and wine or kratom and liquor. 

What About Using Kratom To Deal With A Hangover?

There are no concrete results on how kratom can improve the effects of a hangover, but some users have claimed that kratom for alcohol withdrawal worked for them. No research supports this hypothesis. Some users who mix kratom with alcohol could also develop a dependency on it or even consume it in excessive dosages, which could alternatively lead to an adverse effect.

The Bottom Line On Mixing Kratom And Alcohol 

The bottom line is simple. As a user, you have to make an informed decision. It is up to you to use kratom for sale responsibly and source it from the best places to ensure the quality you are receiving. 

Can you mix kratom and alcohol? Some users say that it is completely safe and effective for them, and others have not experienced any positive effects. So, it is recommended to be cautious and use the mix of two responsibly.

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The authors of this article are not medical professionals & this isn’t medical advice, only our best information on the subject.


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