Kratom and Yoga or Mediation for Relaxation

Kratom is natural and beautiful, and so is finding true peace and tranquility. The beauty of kratom lies in its versatility; there are many different types of veins and strains and none of them are alike in their effects. Isn’t that fascinating? This is due to the alkaloid content in each strain. From that standpoint, the effect you are looking for will absolutely depend on the strain and dose. Theoretically, using bigger doses of red kratom would logically be perfect for deep relaxation, right? This isn’t always the case- sometimes larger doses can lead to the opposite effect expected. But, what if there’s a way to actually make the effects of kratom stronger without increasing the dose? Let’s talk about using kratom with yoga and meditation!

When we’re talking about kratom and relaxation, there are many ways to sit back and chill out by using red vein kratom! Sure, one of the purposes of red kratom is to relieve discomfort, but you can also combine it with various practices in order to heighten relaxation! In the kratom community, people have discovered how to enhance red vein kratom’s potency when combined with meditation and yoga. For many, doing so creates a very pleasant, soothing state of mind after practicing it for some time. 

Kratom and Yoga | Kratom and Meditation

kratom and meditation or yoga


When going through rough times, you’ve probably had someone suggest doing yoga or meditation to put your mind at ease. You may think it’s laughable, but don’t knock it till you try it! Yoga and meditation can definitely help with soreness, tension, and general discomfort. Apart from the physical manifestation of doing these practices, there is also the psychological and emotional aspect- yoga & meditation allow you to connect your body & soul and create a better outlook on life in general. This is where kratom comes in!

Red strains are known for their relaxing effect, so you may benefit from taking small doses of a red strain of your choice before doing some meditation & stretching! You can choose between the red strains we offer, or you can make your own blend! If red is too strong for you, you can mix it with other veins to make it just right! It requires a bit of experimenting, but that’s what makes it fun! Check out our guide on making homemade kratom blends here.

And just to make the experience more blissful, you can burn some incense and truly connect with yourself. 

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kratom and yoga

Stagnant-strain syndrome


These practices can become a bit boring after a while if you don’t shake things up a little bit! Relaxing with kratom sure does sound like a dream, but you may notice the soothing effect is lessening after a while. Why? Stagnant-strain syndrome.


Long-time kratom users have definitely experienced this. But if you’re new to the community let us clear things up a bit for you! 


After taking one particular strain of kratom for a longer period of time, you may notice that the effects are fading, which could be a disappointment. Don’t blame this on the kratom! It’s actually your body adapting to the alkaloids present in that particular strain and it’s perfectly normal. We could go into detail, but just so we don’t bore you with science, you can learn more about stagnant-strain syndrome in one of our previous articles, which you can read in your own time here.

The next step you should take is make a small change in your usual kratom routine, and luckily, there’s a lot you can choose from when it comes to the various strains we offer at Grassroots Harvest Kratom. You may also find our pre-made blends just right, for example the GRH Kratom RELAX blend that comes in capsules and powder-form. Doing so will improve the potency of the effect so you don’t get discouraged and throw away your kratom.


Final thoughts


Although kratom is great on its own, you may benefit from combining it with practices like the ones we mentioned above. Remember to eat something before taking kratom, as it may cause nausea that would ruin your blissful moments of relaxation.

Since we’ve tried many strains and blends, you can check out our suggestions for choosing the best kratom for relaxation here.

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