Is Kratom Legal In Rhode Island? Kratom Legality In My State 2023

In this blog, we’re going to go over if kratom is legal in your state. We’ll go through the state Rhode Island. Are you someone living in Rhode Island who’s been wondering about the legality of kratom where you live? We’ll go over the state as a whole, as well as specific counties and cities! Let’s take a look!


Is Kratom legal in Rhode Island?

At the time of writing, Kratom is not legal in Rhode Island. However, lobbying efforts are well on their way by the American Kratom Association. The hop is to get the state to reverse its ban and adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. The hope is that, if this act passes, there will be some reprieve knowing that the supplement has regulations in place. It will also legalize Kratom granting access to many members of the state. 

Kratom’s legal status has been a cause of concern to many for a while now. Because the federal government chose not to regulate kratom, each state has the ability to choose how they want the supplement to run. In some states, Kratom is legal across the entirety of its counties. Other states allowed the use of the supplement in certain areas but banned it outrightly in other areas within the same state. Finally, we have the states that have chosen to ban it completely.

Kratom’s Legal history in Rhode Island

Kratom’s legal issues in Rhode Island started in 2017 with the classification of two major composing elements of the supplement. Those compounds are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Furthermore, because of the silent nature of what was going on, the Kratom community was unaware of the proceedings. That meant they were unable to rally around and nip the bill in the bud. 

This led to a period of confusion for the community in Rhode Island. Numerous vendors suddenly  product they were suddenly unable to sell to their consumers. It was at this point that new stories about Kratom began to emerge, and the discovery came that there was a ban on the supplement. At the end of 2019, two sponsors attempted to introduce the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. It was quickly shot down in the committee. 

In March 2019 was the next step, holding a hearing for members of the committee to show their support for Kratom. The support showed by the community led to the creation of a new bill to help regulate kratom within the state. Its introduction came in January 2020 and at the time of writing, it awaits approval within the state. 

Classification Of Kratom In Rhode Island

Because of Kratom’s legal status, one could assume the supplement is classified in Rhode Island. Well, you assumed wrong. At the moment, Kratom does not feature amongst the state’s-controlled substance list. However, its primary constituting alkaloids are. By classifying the alkaloids, lawmakers are making it impossible for the supplement to exist legally within the state. 

Can I Use Kratom in Rhode Island?

It is not recommended to use kratom in Rhode Island, as the substance is not legal in the state. It is not available for purchase.

What Next?

Today the American Kratom Association alongside numerous Kratom vendors and partners are working tirelessly to get all 50 states to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act not only protects users right to Kratom, it will also help regulate the industry, ensure quality control standards are met across all vendors hence making Kratom safer for users and will inadvertently ease the issues lawmakers might have about the supplement. 

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act was created to help regulate the industry and improve the quality of kratom products. Each product will be subject to have a label that contains the alkaloids that it has. Adulterated or synthetic versions of kratom will be illegal to sell. 

Learn more about kratom at our blog on kratom legality here!



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