Is Kratom Legal In New Mexico State? Year 2023

In this blog, we’re going to be going over kratom legality in different states. We’re going to look and see if kratom is legal in New Mexico. 

Is Kratom legal in New Mexico?


Maintaining wellness is of utmost importance to everyone. Especially as we currently navigate the pandemic and its continuing evolution. Kratom is a natural supplement that has been popular for bringing users the overall balance and wellness support that it offers. The supplement, originally from Southeast Asia has been exported to other countries around the world. It faces numerous legal issues as people are torn between enjoying the supplement and its benefits or being wary of it and looking to ban it. 

In the United States, the federal government chose not to ban Kratom. Instead, they leave it up to each state to choose how to regulate the supplement.  Some states like Vermont and Rhode Island have chosen to ban its use while other states allowed its use. Even if it’s legal in a state, certain cities within those states have restricted the use of the supplement. An example of this is Florida and Sarasota County. While other states like New Mexico have chosen to keep the supplement legal within its lines and allow its user’s freedom to use it as they deem fit. 

Kratom Legislation In New Mexico

Kratom is legal in all cities in New Mexico including all major cities. This includes Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Roswell, and Taos. There are no age restrictions on the supplement within the state nor has there been any history of any concern. Of all the states, New Mexico is one of the few that has no negative legislative history pertaining to Kratom. There hasn’t been any mention of banning Kratom in the area nor has any bill shown promise to be on the horizon. 

Kratom in New Mexico

Kratom is extremely popular in New Mexico. This could be due to a vast variety of factors including the fact that the supplement has never been subject to any negative press nor has there been any bills in the past pertaining to Kratom. It is available for purchase in local smoke shops, vape, and specialty shops. Kratom is also not classified in New Mexico. It is not a controlled substance nor has there been any talk of scheduling the supplement. 

What Next: Exploring the future of Kratom in New Mexico

Currently, the American Kratom Association along with its numerous Kratom vendors and partners are working tirelessly to get all 50 states to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. The Kratom Consumer Protect Act not only protect users’ right to Kratom but also helps with regulating the industry. This ensures that there are quality control standards in place so all vendors continuously produce higher quality Kratom products. This will inadvertently make Kratom safer for users and will inadvertently ease the issues lawmakers could have about the supplement. 

Subsequently, it is important for the state of New Mexico to adopt a central policy pertaining to Kratom. By adopting a central policy and placing metrics, it would become that much harder for cities and counties to take overnight action that would put the Kratom habits of thousands of users within the state in jeopardy. As it stands, kratom is legal in New Mexico.

Kratom Legal in Mexico?

Maybe you found this blog because you’re wondering if kratom is legal in Mexico- the answer is yes! Kratom is legal in Mexico and Mexican authorities do not seem to be concerned with prohibiting kratom buying or kratom use. 



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