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Mitragyna Speciosa a.k.a Kratom is a tree within the coffee family of plants. Kratom plants are native to the Southeastern Asian region within countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Locally, Kratom also goes by a vast majority of names including biak-biak, ketum and Maeng Da. Within its native regions, Kratom has been a natural supplement for over 150 years. Some populations use it to alleviate discomfort, induce feelings of ease and so on. But how can you sample kratom at home?


As it turns out, one can consume kratom via numerous methods. Some of these include; Powder, capsule or just by simply chewing the leaves. The leaves can also be brewed into tea making it that much easier to consume. Frequent Kratom users also have to be cautious about stagnant strain syndrome, a condition that sets in when the body builds an overfamiliarity with a particular Kratom strain. To ensure this never sets in, we advise regularly switching up the dose and the kratom strain used. 

Why Kratom?

Kratom is growing in popularity thanks to numerous beneficial potential effects– some of these include: 

  1. It may help relieve discomfort:

For most Kratom users, aches and discomfort is what they’re seeking to alleviate. Discomfort can be classified based on its origin and the part of the body it affects. Nociceptive, which stems from physical injury to body tissue, tendon or muscle and Neuropathic which originates from chronic conditions.

Kratom works by binding itself to the opioid / pain receptors located within the central nervous system and also other locations within the body severely reducing it. Among the Kratom strains, the red vein strain is perfect for this due to its analgesic properties. 

  1. It acts as an anxiety alleviator and mood optimizer:

Another benefit users have also reported experiencing by using Mitragyna Speciosa is enjoying better mindfulness. Currently studies are exploring the effect of Kratom on inspiring a positive state of mind, as well as inducing a more optimistic outlook about life. 

Kratom acts like an opioid, delivering effects that are very similar to what one might expect after taking an opioid including morphine. Kratom consumption releases a substance called mitragynine into the body that binds opioid receptors located in the brain that are responsible for mood regulation. 

This causes you to feel less anxious and more upbeat. When taken in high doses, Kratom also delivers a sedating effect which could be useful when dealing with anxiety.  

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Why Kratom Samples

At GRHKratom, our Kratom samples ensure you get to experience a wide range of Kratom and its benefits before you make a decision. The world of Kratom is immensely vast. It is easy to get overwhelmed without being able to dip your feet in first. 

Our sample packs contain one sample of JOY, BOOST and Relax kratom blends. Each pack contains 8 capsules, each containing .5g of Kratom in ease capsule. An ideal dose is anywhere between 6 – 8 capsules (3-4g) per dose. 

JOY – This is a blend of green vein kratom designed to improve your mood & increase sociability

BOOST – This is a blend of white vein kratom designed for maximum energy & focus that lasts without a crash

RELAX – This is a blend of red vein kratom designed to calm the mind & body, provide mild euphoria, and ease pain

By buying kratom samples, you are not only trying out various Kratom strains, you are also working against stagnant strain syndrome, a condition that could derail your Kratom journey. Regular Kratom users have learnt to combine stains in order to achieve the best effect and best of all, overcome this condition. 

To pick up your Kratom samples from GRHKratom, please click here. To read more about kratom, go through our extensive library here.



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