Kratom Tolerance: Can You Build Up A Resistance Over Time?

Kratom is a unique herb found in Southeast Asia, and it has just recently been picking up the hype due to its several health benefits. But when you add something into your routine on a regular basis, your body begins to react differently than it used to. Perhaps your regular dose is no longer as effective at balancing your stresses as it once was. But don’t give up just yet; there is something you can do to combat your Kratom tolerance.

By changing strains and scheduling your dosages, you can overcome stagnant strain syndrome and resume enjoying Kratom’s potent effects in your daily routine. If you want to know more about Kratom tolerance, phases of tolerance, or how you can manage it, keep reading!

What Is Kratom Tolerance? 

Just like consuming any other drug, consuming Kratom will have similar side effects too. Have you ever felt like the medicine you are taking has stopped working on you? Well, it is probably because you developed resistance over time, and now your body needs more of it to work for its benefits.

You might have felt a great high or low with all the related benefits when you took a little bit of Kratom the first time. However, if you need to consume huge amounts to feel it in your system now – what you might be experiencing is Kratom tolerance.


Can You Build Up Resistance Over Time?

The simple answer to this question is yes. When you start consuming Kratom, it starts fixing your bad mood and health issues with just a little dose at the start; however, over time – you start increasing the dose pinch by pinch until you need to consume a whole lot of Kratom just to feel a little bit of the effects.

This is exactly how you can build resistance in your body over time. However, this usually occurs way faster and in a dangerous way if the person does not contact a doctor before deciding on their doses. A medical professional can give you a plan of a specially designed number of doses every time, so you build resistance over a long time and not just after a couple few doses

Phases Of Kratom Tolerance

Phases are a part of Kratom use. You can never have the same experience throughout your journey with Kratom. It will vary from body to body – factors like your body, your resistivity, the amount you consume, your health issues, your health history, and your history with other drugs might be the reason these phases are different.

Moreover, more common factors include your race, weight, height, body fat content, age, etc. This is why it is important to stay healthy, work out and maintain a good body fat content when using substances like Kratom. However, a few phases that most users experience with their Kratom use are quite similar.

The first dose has name the honeymoon phase, where you will experience the powerful benefits of Kratom. Not only will it be a super powerful high or low, but also, at the start – everything is felt more intensely. However, this phase won’t last forever, so enjoy it while it lasts.

The second phase starts when you are still experiencing the benefits of Kratom at a good intensity, but now your body is more used to it and knows how to deal with it. Moreover, most users report wanting to stay in this phase forever as they are not experiencing shock whenever they use the substance, and it works smoothly in their bodies.

If you manage to find the perfect blend of strain rotation, dosage, and a few other things, then you can manage to stay in this phase forever.

The third phase is when you increase the intake of Kratom. If you switch to the sedative side of Kratom instead of just using it for a little buzz, you will have to increase your substance dosage, which will build tolerance in your body. Since Kratom is habit-forming, it can make users consume it more over time. However, if you increase the frequency of use, that will also lead you toward phase three.

Typically you enter the third phase of Kratom tolerance when you have been using it for an extended amount of time. The longer you use Kratom, the more likely you are to build a tolerance to it. All of these things can lead to the third phase of kratom tolerance, where you might be taking a lot more Kratom but not feeling the benefits efficiently or at all.

Side Effects Of Kratom Tolerance

The use of anything in excess can lead to side effects, and the same is the case with this plant. You can take Kratom in small appropriate amounts and avoid these side effects. However, with Kratom tolerance, you will eventually have to experience these side effects.

The side effects experienced after the first few uses of kratom use are completely different from the ones experienced after developing a tolerance. The ones being talked about here are the symptoms that might show up in your body – and could be potentially dangerous – after long-term Kratom use.


Users report that usage of Kratom for a long amount of time led to the darkening of their facial area, also known as hyperpigmentation. This is normally caused because of sun damage to the skin and excess melanin in the body. However, when it comes to Kratom causing hyperpigmentation – scientists have still not discovered why.

A few other common symptoms might include body aches, a runny nose, insomnia, irritability, aggression, and uncontrolled movements.


How To Manage Your Kratom Tolerance?

If you are someone experiencing Kratom tolerance and tired of all the awful symptoms, then you should think about working on how to manage it and deal with it properly. The following few things can be done to not only have a better Kratom experience but also help manage your tolerance.

  1. Strain Rotation

Stain rotation is a very good way to not only experience all the benefits of Kratom but also help with your tolerance. If you regularly start switching up the strains with a mix of many vein colors, you will see a huge difference. Not only will your symptoms diminish, but your Kratom journey will also take a turn for the better.

  1. High-Quality Kratom

It is essential to source your Kratom products from a reputable company that has good ties with the processors in Southeast Asia and tests their products outside labs. There are many vendors out there who might sell you this herb at a fraction of the price – but that will only lead to health problems. Make sure to choose quality over quantity when it comes to Kratom use.

  1. Scheduling Your Consumption

Strictly scheduling your consumption with strain rotation and adding it to your daily routine can be a great way to deal with tolerance. Include different strains and veins with your morning smoothies and evening teas. This will help you develop a good relationship with Kratom and help space out the doses, which can be helpful. Try a few different routines in low doses with different strains and note down whenever you enjoy the routine so you can increase the dosage after that.

  1. Potentiators

A potentiator is used to make Kratom stronger and more efficient. A few examples of potentiators include citrus juices, magnesium, black pepper, turmeric, etc. Usually, these potentiators are combined with the Kratom to be consumed.

However, it is recommended to do your research on which potentiators you want to use for the best results. 

You can either take them when you decide to consume your Kratom or make little capsules combining the two for use. It is recommended to slowly incorporate this into your daily routine to see results regarding kratom tolerance.

  1. Take A Break

Excess Kratom usage can cause health problems. So, if you are experiencing Kratom tolerance, you should begin a detoxification journey for yourself.

The best way to take a break is to go cold turkey. There is no benefit in lowering the dosage because you will feel little to nothing because of the tolerance.

When you come back to Kratom, make sure to start with less and gradually increase the dosage. Many users reported that this method works best for taking a break.

Final Words

The best way to deal with kratom tolerance would be to contact your healthcare professional. Since your doctor has your proper records, including weight, height, age, and health history – they will be able to guide you better and prescribe the right amount of dosage.

**This article merely reflects our best knowledge on the subject and is not intended to be medical advice. Before purchasing and determining dosage, consult a medical professional.

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