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Kratom Extract vs Powder – What’s the Difference?

Kratom Tincture vs Kratom Powder

Today, most natural supplements come in a wide variety of forms. For easier consumption, they are available in pills, powders, drops, oils or even capsules. This ensures everyone has the right way to ingest their favorite supplements. And kratom is no different, currently Kratom is available for ingestion as capsules, tea and as a powder form. However, there is a new wave of products containing extracted Kratom hitting the markets and raising a couple of questions. 

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Within this article, we are going to be reviewing kratom extract vs. powder and answering any possible questions you may have about the two. 


Before discussing Kratom extracts, it is important we touch on Kratom and unwrap what the popular natural supplement is. Derived from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree which is native to Southeast Asia, Kratom is popular with millions of users because of its potential benefits. To make Kratom, manufacturers harvest its leaves and dry them. This process is responsible for changing the alkaloid composition of Kratom. Kratom’s rise in popularity could be because of the effect it has on the opioid receptors in the brain. This chemical reaction is able to trigger feelings of sedation, pleasure, and discomfort reduction in the body. 

Kratom Extract

Bearing in mind the basics of Kratom, let us consider Kratom extracts. Considered to be more potent and concentrated than Kratom powder because of the way it is made, Kratom extract can either be extracted through the leaves or made from Kratom powder. Irrespective of this, through the extraction process, much of the plant matter disappears. 

The most common form of extraction however, is by boiling the leaves or powder. Once the liquid begins to boil, it has to be strained them simmered before being boiled again in order to get rid of any excess water and the alkaloids left slowly become more concentrated the more water is boiled off. What is left from the process is a dark paste that can be left as a paste or dried and made into a more concentrated powdered extract.

The major difference between Kratom powder and Kratom extracts is the level of alkaloids the extracts possess. Most extracts are produced specially to contain the highest level of Kratom concentration possible making them a better choice for users looking to get the highest and purest Kratom products for their personal use.  

Differentiating between Kratom extract vs powder

Identifying between Kratom extracts and Kratom powder could be different if you are a first-time user. To get around this, we suggest buying your extracts and Kratom in general from a trusted and reliable source. By purchasing from a genuine vendor, you are ensuring your Kratom is not only labelled properly, it is also lab tested to ensure it is of the highest purity and quality standards. Another thing you need to watch out for is the color of the kratom purchase. Extracts tend to be darker than the powder because of the processes they go through. 

The third and final difference between the two is in the aroma. Because of the higher concentration of extracts, It will have a stronger aroma due to its higher alkaline concentration. 

Finally, a lot of extracts come printed with a ratio on the packaging. This ratio refers to the extract strength. A 2x or a 2:1 ratio package means the extract is twice as potent than your average kratom. Another important thing to note is that because of the heightened concentration levels, you would need to consume less than you would with a normal Kratom powder. 

Kratom Tincture vs Kratom Extract

Kratom extract is what is typically used to make kratom tincture. Kratom shots are also often made with kratom extract. Kratom extract is kratom powder that has been extracted to be way more potent. That kratom extract is then what is used to make many kratom tinctures and kratom shots. 

At the end of the day, your Kratom choice comes down to your personal preference. Both products are more or less the same but extracts contain a more concentrated version. If you want to read more about Kratom, check out our blog here and to begin your Kratom journey, visit our store here

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