Redesigning Our Kratom Labels and Line- Our New Look!

Breaking news – GRH Kratom is getting a makeover! We’re excited to announce that, although we love the current design of our line, we’ve decided it’s time for change. Our brand will be getting its own version of a glow-up! Experience tells us that the best products deserve the best packaging, and what better way to display our quality? Interested in the changes we’re bringing to our brand, like kratom labels & more? Keep reading to find out all the improvements! 


Ease of Design

Let’s be real – although we all know better than to judge a book by its cover (or, in our case, judge a product by its labels), the design is almost always going to determine your decision whether to buy a product or not. While our current design is sleek, simple, and quite user-friendly, we always strive to keep up with the times. We want to improve the look of our products the way our customers would want it. This is why we’re introducing a couple of new changes to our kratom labels design, namely the following: 

new kratom packaging grh kratom bentuangie powder 1 kilo

  • Easy to read – our new kratom labels design will contain all the basic information about the product you’re buying to make your experience as easy and as convenient as possible. 
  • Easy to understand – understanding the specifications of the product that you’re buying is the most important part of shopping – with our new design, you will be able to understand exactly what the package contains and what you can expect from it.
  • New Leaf Shape- lets you see the color of the kratom powder before you buy, so you know it’s good quality and distinct from other strains of kratom.
  • & Easy to see effects – while our whole website contains everything you need to know regarding the effects of kratom, we understand that not everyone has the time to search every corner of our website just to read something more about how each vein/strain affects the body. It’s more practical if you can simply read the effects of the product that you’re purchasing directly on the label. Our new design will include this in the ‘AURA SYMBOLS’ on the bag. Scroll down for more info on those.

Quality of Bag


When you’re online shopping, there’s nothing more disappointing than getting a product that was damaged or broken in shipping. These situations are stressful, expensive, and quite upsetting for the customer, and they’re certainly unpleasant for the vendors as well. This is why we’ve decided to up our game and improve the quality of our bags. We’re introducing tougher, burst-resistant bags because with products like kratom, packaging is of utmost importance as the product itself is very easy to get damaged in shipping. Packing kratom in stronger, more resilient bags that can handle the “stress” of shipping is key. Plus, tougher bags also play a large part in preserving the quality and potency of kratom before it arrives at your doorstep – and nobody wants stale, old, and unusable kratom. 


Some Other Tiny Details- Kratom Labels


The overall look of a product is the main focus of most brands. While we do think that it’s incredibly important, we like to play the game differently and pay attention to details. With products like kratom, it’s imperative that the design of the product is as sleek and convenient as possible. But it should also be clear in what you’re getting. 


We’re adding some new, eye-catching features on our novel design to make it look sleeker, chic-er, and more unique! For example, we’ll be adding a leaf key that will serve to show what type of kratom vein the bag contains and will make understanding the nature of the product a whole lot easier! An even more exciting feature that we’ll be adding to the design are some new icons in the bottom corner of the bag that will show the aura the vein that you’re purchasing produces!


What kind of effects can you expect from your kratom? Our Aura symbols are here to designate that! 

Lightning Bolt- Energy

Brain- Focus

Smiley Face- Mood

Cross- Relief

Moon- Relaxation

The more of one symbol a strain has, the more of that effect we anticipate you’ll feel. Remember, every body is different and the effects you feel may differ because of that.

We love these changes to our kratom labels, and we hope you do, too!

Final Thoughts

We’re excited to present the changes to our design and find out if you’ll like them as much as us! We think that the quality of our new design will live up to the quality of the contents inside. So, we can’t wait to share them with you! Stay tuned to see what we have in store for you, and in the meantime, stock up on some of your favorite kratom products and save 20% on all orders that exceed $150 using the code ‘DISCOUNT150!



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