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THC-O, otherwise known as THC-O acetate, is a compound derived from hemp through synthetic processes. The process includes extracting CBD from hemp, then delta-8 THC is extracted from the CBD. Finally, acetic anhydride is added to the delta-8 THC molecules to make THC-O acetate.

Because it’s made from federally legal hemp, THC-O is gaining popularity quickly among Americans who don’t have access to delta-9 THC in their state. Preliminary research indicates that THC-O might be 2-3x as powerful as delta-9 THC products.

So, put basically, THC-O is a synthetically made cannabinoid that’s federally legal & pretty dang strong. That means there are quite a few cannabis companies out there now working on their own formulation of THC-O products- and we have one to recommend.

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