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Showing 1–6 of 10 results

The Best Green Kratom From GRH

Green kratom is generally considered milder than white or red kratom, and blends the best of both of these worlds to provide subtle energy and feelings of well-being.

Kratom has been used for its medicinal benefits for thousands of years, and the West is just now starting to recognize its potential. As we see a huge increase in the various types of kratom for sale, we now have a plethora of kratom strains to choose from, which means every individual can find the kratom that works best for them.

While there are different strains of kratom available, green kratom is widely renowned for its ability to provide a burst of energy and create a general sense of well-being in users. Many green kratom users rely on it as a social lubricant, as it’s a great social alternative to more harmful substances like alcohol and tobacco.

But just how is green kratom different from other forms of kratom, and what forms does it come in? Let’s find out.

Green Kratom Strains And Forms

Kratom comes in three strains: white, red, and green. While red is great for relaxing and white is great for focus, green kratom combines the best of both of these worlds to deliver a well-rounded kratom experience. 

Green kratom capsules and green kratom powders also make it easy to achieve the perfect dosage, whether you choose to simply take premeasured capsules or craft a hot kratom tea.

It’s important to remember that different green kratom strains provide different effects, and identifying the best strain for you will help you achieve the optimal results.

Green Kratom Effects

What Is Green Kratom Used For?

Green kratom is best for:

– Motivation

– Optimism

– Socializing

Green kratom’s effects vary subtly between strains. For instance, Green Bali kratom is a green kratom that primarily provides a boost of energy, while Green Malay is more known for delivering users optimism and a sense of increased motivation.

The Differences in Green Kratom Strains

All kratom strains provide different effects based on different alkaloid counts in the leaves. Every single strain of kratom has different alkaloid content, so you may need to try several strains before you find one that’s right for you.

Green Kratom Dosage

Optimal dosage will always vary from person to person, but we generally recommend 1-5 grams of green kratom for new users and playing around with the dosage in order to find the best for you.

GRH’s Green Kratom

Grassroots Harvest forms strong relationships directly with our in-country farmers and producers, so we can be sure our kratom is the highest quality available and pass that quality on to you.

Ready to find the right kratom for you? Check out our collection of kratoms today!

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