Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge (800mg/1ml)

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Congress has signed an amended version of the PACT Act into law (Dec, 2020) so that it now applies to all vaping and e-cigarette products. the PACT Act, among other things, prohibits the use of the U.S. Postal Service (“USPS”) as well as other major mailing services to deliver cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products directly to consumers.

Unfortunately, that means at this time we are unable to offer this product category for sale on our website.

Should you live in or around Austin, TX and wish to purchase in-person, our products are available at all three Austin Vape & Smoke locations in town.

We are truly disheartened by this legislation and hope to be able to offer you these products again soon. – The GRH Team

With new flavor options:

  • Indica FX w/ Watermelon OG terpenes- relaxing, calm, chill vibes
  • Sativa FX w/ Citrus terpenes- invigorating, energy, fun times
  • Green Crack- A bright & energizing flavor with tastes of citrus, herb, & pepper. Invigorating & powerful!
  • Jack Herer- This well-known strain’s terpenes provide a distinctly fruity & herbal flavor that pairs well with the effects- boosted creativity & mild euphoria.
  • Trainwreck OG- Fruity & piney, this is a classic flavor that brings along very pleasant relaxing effects.
  • Strawberry Cough- Strawberry flavor combines with peppery, herbal notes for a delicious blend of uplifting & relaxing effects that’ll leave you feeling zen & happy!
  • Grand Daddy Purp- This classic terpene blend is full of relaxation, comfort, and deliciousness.