Kratom Tolerance: Using Different Strains

If you regularly take kratom and understand the difference in kratom powder, you will notice that even the most potent variety tends to lose its strength in time. This is not because your kratom is going bad. You are merely experiencing what is known in the community as stagnant strain syndrome. There is a simple and surefire way to ensure you don’t end up losing the fire and vitality of the strength you are using.

Best Strains of Kratom To Fight Stagnant Strain Syndrome

The stagnant strain syndrome is basically a consequence of using the same kratom strain effects for an indefinite period of time, and you get into a lull because your body has become tolerant to the strength.

Why do the effects from different strains of kratom lessen over time? Each strain of kratom contains various kratom alkaloids. When you take a single strain, your body becomes familiar with the alkaloids because they are interacting with your brain repeatedly, and slowly over time they tend to lose their effect.

If you are a big fan of the green Maeng Da and take it regularly in decent kratom types strength, then your friendly alkaloids stop being effective. To switch things around, you can begin mixing kratom strains like red and white kratom or any other variety that you like. Then, once you go back to the green Maeng Da, you will notice that it is working just as it did the first time. 


Is There A Way To Stop Stagnant Strain Syndrome?

People can switch between green strain kratom, red kratom strains, or decide the best kratom strands to mix which give them good results, as opposed to using the same strain for a prolonged period. In the kratom community, this is known as rotating strains and it stops you from building a tolerance.

diagram of how to rotate kratom strains

Why Use GRH Kratom Blends?

Not only are our best kratom strain combinations created to get unique effects from kratom different strains, but they can also contain many different types of strains or alkaloids in the single blend. This makes it difficult for your body to become tolerant to any strain and you can keep using it longer than you would normally use a single strain. How quickly kratom tolerance build-up depends on the blend, and that is where we have revolutionized our crafting process. 

Our blends are also very high quality and can be used every single day.


What Kind Of Blends Do We Have?

JOY – the result of mixing green and white kratom. It’s pleasant and lifts the mood according to people.

BOOST – white vein kratom that our customers prefer for busy days to get a boost of energy.

RELAX – red kratom that is popular for discomfort relief or sleep problems, as clients report. It has a pleasant and lightly euphoric feel, one of the nicest effects of different kratom strains

If you have been having a bad time coping with the stagnant strain syndrome, don’t throw away your money behind experimentations. Try our in-house blends that can switch things up and give you the right results you are looking for. These are powerful alkaloids and have strong effects, and you can check out all the blends on our shop page where we have a great quality of kratom for sale.



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