Stagnant Strain Syndrome

Stagnant Strain Syndrome

What It Is & How Our Kratom Can Help!


People that take kratom regularly may occasionally notice that certain strains will lose their potency over time. This is a phenomenon that’s now referred to in the kratom community as Stagnant Strain Syndrome.

What Is Stagnant Strain Syndrome? 

Stagnant Strain Syndrome refers to what happens when you use the same kratom strain over and over again- you build a tolerance. Sometimes when people start taking kratom, they use one strain over and over again, which causes tolerance to build to that strain.

Here’s the thing about kratom: each strain contains different levels of kratom alkaloids. When you take the same kratom strain all the time, your body becomes used to the kratom alkaloids of that strain. Because those alkaloids are interacting with the same brain receptors repeatedly, eventually that response becomes worn down. 

For example: if you like Green Maeng Da and take it exclusively, after several weeks of use, the alkaloids in Green Maeng Da will no longer be as effective as they once were. However, if you were to switch to a similar strain like Green Malaysian, the effects would become noticeable again because Green Malaysian’s alkaloids are different. 

diagram of how to rotate kratom strains

How Do You Stop Stagnant Strain Syndrome?

In order to combat Stagnant Strain Syndrome, people should consider switching between several different strains rather than sticking to one for a long period of time. If you switch the kratom strain you’re using every so often, it keeps you from building tolerance as you’re not taking the same alkaloids every day. This is known as rotating strains and has become a popular technique in the kratom community to avoid building a tolerance. 

GRH Kratom Blends Work Against Stagnant Strain Syndrome

Our house blends of kratom are designed to emphasize certain effects and because they use multiple strains in each blend, they’re also great for avoiding Stagnant Strain Syndrome- the alkaloids present are from multiple strains, which makes it harder for tolerance to build!

Of course, we still recommend switching up the kind of kratom you’re using every so often in order to have the best experience every time. But if you’re looking for high-quality kratom that’s perfect for everyday use, GRH Kratom blends are crafted with specific effects in mind and will keep those Stagnant Strain Syndrome blues away!

Our Blends:  

JOY- Our blend of white and green vein kratom is popular for its ultra-pleasant effects. It’s known for enhancing sociability and giving a boost in mood.

BOOST- Our blend of white vein kratom is popular for long days or work-filled nights. It’s known for increasing focus and energy, without a nasty crash.

RELAX- Our blend of red vein kratom is popular among those looking for relief from discomfort or who are having trouble sleeping. It’s known for calming effects that are slightly sedating & euphoric. Perfect after a long day.


If you’ve been struggling with the signs of Stagnant Strain Syndrome, consider switching up the strain you’re using every so often- chances are, it’ll make all the difference. And try GRH Kratom blends for powerful combinations of alkaloids and strong effects.


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