What Does Maengda Mean

Are you as excited about Meng da kratom as we are?

Whenever kratom comes under discussion, we always come across the term Maeng da. This relatively new marvel has taken the kratom world by storm, and every day, we get to hear more testaments about its fascinating properties and characteristics. 

So, do you want to learn more about the different varieties of these strains and what they have to offer? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will delve deep into the world of maeng da, understanding what it means and what is so special about it. 

What Is Maeng Da Kratom?

The literal meaning of the word maeng da in the Thai language is “pimp” or more accurately “pimp grade”. This alludes to the fact that this kratom is of a superior variety and high quality and is also very strong. It is in a very pure form and is, therefore, quite potent.

Maeng da is a specific strain of kratom grown using grafting techniques to yield a particular variety or strain. It is known for its potent and distinct properties and is very popular in Thailand. This strain is known for its high levels of alkaloids, especially mitragynine and 7 hydroxy-mitragynine. 

These two alkaloids are, in fact, responsible for the characteristics this strain has, making it more potent than any other variety of kratom. The presence of these alkaloids also makes this strain popular with people as it may help them gain energy and focus or may help them withdraw from substance abuse.

History Of Maeng Da

Maeng da has a very long history and was first discovered in the 1940s in Thailand. Today, it is sourced not just from Thailand but other Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. As the use of kratom became more common, people started becoming aware of the multitudes of benefits, and the need to develop even more potent products arose. As a result, many new kratom strains have come into the market, including this strain, which has a higher alkaloid content.

Maeng da kratom trees grow in warm, humid climates, and the different varieties can be identified by the color of the veins in their leaves.


What Makes It Different?

Maeng da strains of Kratom are different from the other strains because of their unique characteristics and growing methods. Maeng da kratom is famous because of its high alkaloid concentration.

These alkaloids are the primary active compounds, giving the kratom its potency. These strains produce more robust and longer-lasting effects on users when consumed, making them a popular choice. 

This strain does not grow naturally but is, in fact, man-made and developed with the help of a grafting technique, where grafts are selected from the most potent varieties of kratom so that a higher alkaloid content can be acquired.

Maeng da leaves are also known for their distinct, dark green shade with different colored veins running through them. This particular sprain has a stimulating effect lasting longer than other strains.

What Are The Different Varieties?

The world of maeng da kratom is full of colors, and each color forms different varieties, all with different characteristics and effects. The differences in the characteristics of these strains are owing to the difference in the regions of cultivation and also because of the drying and processing methods used for each type of kratom.

The red vein variety has a very high alkaloid content and exceptional stimulating properties. It also potentially provides relief from pain. This strain has a strong effect, and users should start with a low dose and build up gradually.

The leaves of this variety of kratom have clear red veins. They are left outside in the sun for an extended period of time to dry, and this helps them develop their alkaloids. The high concentration of alkaloids in the red maeng da variety makes them very potent.

Green Maeng da kratom

If you are looking for a more balanced effect, this is the choice for you. The green vein variety is acquired when kratom leaves are left to dry in the dark in a controlled environment. Once this process is complete, they are exposed to the Sun for a while.

This variety is known to provide a sharper focus and clarity to users. It has a more significant energising effect and acts as a great stimulant.

White Maeng da kratom

This variety is left out in the sun or kept in artificial Ultraviolet light for some time so it can dry out. This variety is a popular choice for users who are looking for effects that are milder than the ones produced by the red strain but still potent enough to provide stimulation and energy.

Why Choose These Strains?

Because grafting is often involved in the creation of maeng da strains, it’s also common for maeng da kratom to provide effects from multiple veins of kratom. For example, while red veins are often used for pain and are mildly sedating, Red Maeng Da may offer the same benefits for pain with less sedating effects.

This breed of leaves can be easy to identify from their darker leaves. The higher alkaloid content makes both the leaves and their resulting powders darker by varying degrees. The leaves are also hardier and can withstand things like cold temperatures and storms better than other kinds of kratom.

All around, maeng da kratom is considered superior kratom, and maeng da strains are favorites among many kratom users.

Where Can We Buy It?

Now that kratom has been removed from the list of prohibited substances in Thailand, any economic activity around the leaves is not just allowed but also encouraged. The buying and selling of kratom leaves requires a license, which can be acquired from the narcotics control board. However, the purchase of kratom for personal use does not have any such restriction placed on it.

Maeng da strains of kratom can easily be purchased from;

  • Supermarkets and general stores in their vegetable section
  • Organic shops
  • Specialty “vape shops” or “smoke shops.”
  • At a discounted rate from wholesalers,
  • Online marketplaces such as Facebook, Instagram and Shoppee
  • Specialized cannabis stores

What Is Mitragynine Used For?

This is an alkaloid that acts as a stimulant and is found in high concentrations in the maeng da variety of kratom. It can be used to provide relief from discomfort and may have analgesic properties. It can also be used to potentially increase levels of energy and focus and may also help in improving the mood of the user.

What Are The Mental Benefits Of Kratom?

Maeng da kratom may help in giving relief from uneasiness and mental health-related issues. There is a chance that consuming kratom leaves or products can create a feeling of euphoria and result in increased energy levels.

According to a study, kratom may have the potential to reduce the tendency for harm among people who are addicted to substances and help them with withdrawal.

Another study conducted in 2016 indicated that kratom might not only help with relief from discomfort and irritation but may also help bring a sense of calm and relaxation. 

We want to emphasize here that we are not making any medical claims and do not want to offer any medical advice. Our main aim is to create awareness about maeng da and its potential benefits based purely on feedback from users and on general knowledge. 

Although it is safe to say that kratom has a positive impact on the mental health of its users, it is advisable to consult a medical practitioner or a healthcare provider.  

Final Word

Maeng da kratom is not just an exceptional strain of kratom. It is also proof of the fact that traditional methods when incorporated with modern science, can reap greater and more enhanced results. The age-old kratom plant, which was used for many years in Thailand and was known for its countless benefits, is now proving to be more potent and impactful in the form of the maeng da strains. 

So, each time you use maeng da kratom, you are sure to get enhanced focus and energy from this exceptional strain and enjoy an extraordinary experience.

Want to know more about kratom in general? Find out what kratom is and how kratom works in our FAQ here!



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