What is White Elephant Kratom?

Often times, Kratom strains names are after their country of origin. Prominent examples of this include White Thai Kratom and White Borneo Kratom, with both strains originating from Thailand and the island of Borneo respectively. And there are also some Kratom strain names that are after the characteristics of their originating plant itself. An example of this is the White Horn Kratom which is named after the horned shape nature of the leaves. Also, White Maeng Da Kratom. Maeng da kratom is a reference to the strength of the kratom. In Thai, Maeng Da means ‘pimp grade’ and designates strong kratom. 


White Elephant Kratom happens to fall into the later end of the spectrum. Elephant kratom is named after the shape of its leaves which look like the ears of elephants. The natural supplement is one of the strains of Kratom enjoying a rise in popularity over the last few months thanks to its enhanced effects.

Benefits of White Elephant Kratom 

  • It uplifts the mood:

Users have reported enjoying an uplifted mood after ingesting the natural supplement. And this is a characteristic of other white Kratom strains. They are known to be excellent at managing stress and providing a mood booster. 

  • Increased concentration and focus:

With White elephant Kratom, users have also reported feeling more focused and concentrated after ingesting the natural supplement. This is also a general characteristic of other white strain of Kratom.

Effects of White Elephant Kratom

White Elephant Kratom’s main benefit is that it could provide users with a potential energy boost and mood boost. The mood-boosting effect is not too common among most white vein Kratom strains which is what makes this particular Kratom Strain very highly sought after. 

White Elephant Kratom does not only relieve tension, but it could potentially uplift your mood in general. By bringing together these two effects, you have what might be the best emotional booster useful for every bad day or days where you might want to be a little more upbeat.

Finally, White Elephant Kratom could also possess some of the more common white vein kratom strain properties. One such potential property is focus improvement, which could be very helpful when working on a tight deadline or doing an activity.

White Elephant Kratom Dosage

Generally speaking a good place to start is to begin with 2 grams with every dose and work your way up to 5 grams if you notice stagnant strain syndrome is setting in. You can also combine your Kratom with some excellent potentiators before working your way up to accentuate the Kratom’s effects. 

But like all other drugs, it is important you do not rush into White Elephant Kratom. By working your way up, you are not overloading your body and stand little chance of suffering an overdose. Symptoms of an overdose include having a weak body and headaches, so be sure to stop as soon as you feel any of those symptoms. 

Similar Strains

White Dragon Kratom contains White Elephant Kratom, making them similar by default. The only difference is the addition of White Maeng Da Kratom, which is basically an enhanced version of your average white vein kratom.



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