What is Yellow Vein Kratom? What are the Effects of Yellow Vein Kratom?

If you’re a kratom lover, you’ve probably read many articles on kratom strains and how each vein affects the body. We know there are three types of kratom: red, green, and white veins. But what if we told you that there’s a new fourth vein – yellow vein kratom? Just when we thought we knew everything there is to know about kratom, it’s found another way to surprise us! There are many points to discuss about yellow vein kratom, such as its origin, potency, and the effects it produces. So, without further ado, let’s take a deep look into a newer vein that is turning heads!

Main Points:

Yellow Vein Effects: 

Halfway Between White Veins and Green Veins

Mild Energy + A Pop Of Euphoria

Best Strains? Gold Bali, Super Yellow


Where did yellow vein kratom come from?

Yellow kratom veins might not be that new in Southeast Asia, but they are certainly newer to the U.S. market. In fact, what’s fascinating about these veins is the mystery around their origin. There are many theories that try to debunk how yellow vein kratom actually came to be, and so far, the following explanation is most common:

The drying process

It is believed that yellow vein kratom occurs naturally when farmers use a different technique to dry their kratom. It’s possible this technique is longer time in the sun, although this might not be true for all kratom farms. This makes sense as the three main kratom veins differ based on the time they take to grow. White veins are the youngest leaves, green veins are in the middle, and red veins are the most aged leaves. Yellow vein kratom breaks this trend, and is a new color not created in the growing process. 

Although there are various steps when drying and producing yellow vein kratom, in the end, people say it’s very similar to green and white vein kratom. Now that we know this, let’s take a look at the effects it produces!

What are the effects of yellow vein kratom?

Users describe yellow vein kratom as the golden mean between all the other veins and strains. It produces an effect that is neither too strong nor too weak. It’s reminiscent of green vein kratom in the sense that it is slightly invigorating and produces feelings of energy, motivation, and slight euphoria. Its milder potency compared to the other veins and ability to provide relief from discomfort make this vein fantastic for those who are just now venturing into the world of kratom and want to start off with baby steps. 

Yellow strains

super yellow vein kratom

Just like the other three veins of kratom, their yellow friend also has its own strains! The most famous ones are the following:


  • Gold Bali – produces feelings of optimism and euphoria, effects similar to those of white and green vein kratom
  • Yellow Sumatra – good for relaxing and calming your body while remaining positive
  • Yellow Malay – provides relief from discomfort
  • and Yellow Vietnam – highly stimulating and invigorating, this is the strongest yellow strain

Let’s dive a bit more in-depth about one of the most popular yellow vein strains out there. 

What is Yellow Vietnam Kratom? 

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is a unique strain that’s well-liked for good reason. Originating from the Mekong Delta region in Vietnam, where the fertile lands and specific climate conditions contribute to the strain’s specific characteristics, Yellow Vietnam has steadily gained popularity among Kratom enthusiasts. Many people describe Yellow Vietnam Kratom as being notably euphoric and mildly stimulating, with an underlying sense of relaxation. Its distinct profile makes it a must-try for those looking to explore the diverse world of Kratom.

How to Find Yellow Vein Kratom?

What’s important to mention is that while yellow vein kratom sure is fascinating, it may be more scarce because of the difficulties with its production. Yellow veins are relatively new, and it might take longer before they are available to larger masses. What we do offer at GRH Kratom are the Gold Bali (capsules) and Super Yellow (capsules and powder) strains! 

Don’t miss out on trying some of the rarest strains of kratom on the market- GRH Kratom offers Yellow Vein kratom, even though it can be difficult to find. 

What matters to us most is the quality and purity of our kratom, as well as how we source it. We work and maintain a close relationship with family-owned farms in Southeast Asia to ensure that our kratom is truly top-notch when it arrives at our facilities in Austin, Texas. This is where our kratom undergoes a few minor processes before its ready to head to your doorstep!

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Final thoughts

The discovery of the rare leaves of yellow vein kratom makes us wonder if there might be a new vein of kratom that we haven’t had a chance to get our hands on yet! It could be, seeing as Mother Nature & incredible farmers are full of surprises!

We hope to see more scientific research on kratom in general, so that everyone can learn more about the potential of this powerful plant and its safety!


Looking for a Yellow Vein kratom strain that we don’t offer? Write to us and let us know- send an email to info@grassrootsharvest.com, and maybe we’ll be able to help out!


– Medium: What exactly is yellow vein kratom?

– This article is not intended to serve as a form of medical information or advice and is only the product of the authors’ extensive research on the topic. Consult a doctor before using/determining dosage.


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