Why JOY is the Best Kratom Blend!

Here at GRH Kratom, we’re really fond of our kratom blends! Single veins are a fantastic option on their own, but when your body’s gotten used to them (a condition which is known as stagnant strain syndrome), it’s important to switch things up a little bit and try out something new! Enter kratom blends to make transitioning into a new world of kratom combos as fun as possible!


We believe you can get the most out of kratom when you combine different strains and create the perfect formula for you. What better way to truly feel the kick of kratom than by trying out different blends? While we adore making our own blends (check out our step-by-step guide on making homemade kratom blends here), we also offer our own pre-made blends (JOY, BOOST, and RELAX). Although we love them all equally, sometimes we need a little extra joy in our lives – and our JOY kratom blend really hits the spot! Here are a few reasons why we believe JOY is the best kratom blend you’ll find out there.

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What kind of kratom blend is JOY?


While RELAX combines various red strains and BOOST is a mixture of white strains, JOY is entirely different. JOY is what we call our ‘ray of sunshine on a cloudy day’ – it’s our secret little formula for happiness & positivity. While exploring different veins and combining them to maximize effects of kratom, we found that white and green veins work together perfectly. So we decided to make it a blend! 


  • Green veins are a fantastic option for boosting mood and overall positivity. A great vein that promotes optimism and sociability, green vein kratom is considered neither too potent nor too weak. That makes it a great addition to kratom blends!
  • White veins are known for their energy-boosting properties, which makes them excellent for those days when you’re running low on energy levels and are in desperate need of a pick-me-up!


JOY is our very own unique mix of the best strains of white and green vein kratom. By analyzing the effects both veins offer and combining them to create a special energy-packed, mood-boosting mixture, we created something new and totally amazing! This is why we believe JOY is the best kratom blend you’ll ever come across!


How can you use JOY?

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This kratom blend comes in two options: powder and capsules. They come in different sizes you can choose from depending on your needs. 


The capsules can be taken directly as is, while the versatility of powder opens the door to more possibilities . You can make delicious JOY kratom tea, you can toss and wash it, or you can add it to various recipes – the choice is yours! Check out some of our kratom recipes on our blog here!


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What makes JOY the best kratom blend?


Aside from being a high-quality mix of some of the finest strains, there are other factors that come into play. All of them help make JOY the best kratom blend, at least in our opinion!


  • Farm-to-market: Just like all of our other kratom products, JOY is also a blend of not only high-quality but also ethically-sourced kratom veins. Purity and cleanliness are of utmost importance to us. We take all the necessary steps to obtain this. This means working with an Indonesian farm that avoids overfarming in order not to compromise quality and doing our very best to preserve the freshness of it.
  • Potent, but ultra-pleasant: Sounds like an oxymoron? It’s not! JOY is a fantastic kratom blend because it’s not too weak or too strong. Sure, it is pretty potent, but not in a way that would make you feel jittery and agitated. This is what makes it a customers’ favorite and, consequently, why we believe JOY is the best kratom blend!
  • Pre-made and affordable: Everything is so much easier when someone else has already done it for you, right? Making your own kratom blends can be fun, but it takes time and effort. It can be nice to buy them pre-made with lots of love and care.

How We Use Joy

The GRH Kratom staff loves JOY kratom blend. In fact, if you were to stop by the GRH offices at any given point, it’s the kind of kratom you’re most likely to find Kemal, our owner/founder/CEO has used that day. Why? It’s versatile, effective, but not overwhelming. A great balance for work. 

Final thoughts 


Creating the perfect blend to suit everyone’s individual needs might sound complicated, but we made it happen! JOY is, quite literally, sunshine in a bag. Our customers’ reviews only further prove that JOY really is the best kratom blend out there. Have you tried JOY capsules or powder? If so, let us know if you liked them in the comments below!



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